HSBC Rewards Credit Card


Have you ever thought about having a credit card that rewards you every time you use it? This is the proposal of the HSBC Rewards Credit Card, a card that accumulates points in all online or physical purchases, either through the bank’s application or through Mastercard Pay with Rewards. Want to know how? See more details!

More and more credit card operators are launching products that can offer the best services to customers and the point redemption or cashback system is proof of this.


HSBC Rewards Credit Card
HSBC Rewards Credit Card (Picture: Internet)

In other words, every time the credit card is used, the customer earns points that can be exchanged for products or services at partner companies. This makes it easier to encourage the use of the card in any purchase.

And the HSBC Rewards Credit Card was created for those who already have an HSBC bank advance account in England, offering credit redemption whenever the customer uses it on a daily basis. Created HSBC Rewards Credit Card Benefits.

HSBC Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Interested in this type of card and want to know the benefits of the HSBC Rewards Credit Card? See below:

Points Accumulation: Get up to 10 points for every £1 you spend at select retailers, and 1 point for every £5 you spend elsewhere.

Bonus: Earn 2,500 Welcome Points worth £25 when you make your first transaction. Plus, spend £10,000 or more on your card in one year and receive another 2,500 bonus points.

Savings: Use your points for purchases, wherever Mastercard is accepted, using the Pay with Rewards app or website.

Lower interest: 0% interest on purchases for 6 months from account opening

HSBC Rewards Credit Card management from the app: You can use Online Banking or the HSBC Mobile Banking app to check your credit card balance, make payments and keep track.

Additional Card: Offered to persons over 18 years old where one person already holds the HSBC Rewards Credit Card.

Accepted abroad: The HSBC Rewards Credit Card is accepted in many places around the world, both for purchases and at the ATM.

Worldwide assistance: receive support in case of loss or theft during use abroad, with temporary card blocking

Exclusive offers: access to discounts and exclusive offers through HSBC bank programs.

How to apply for HSBC Rewards Credit Card

Now that you know the benefits of this credit card, it’s time to find out how to apply for the HSBC Rewards Credit Card.

To do this, simply access the card’s official website, click on “How to apply” and fill in the requested information. A credit analysis will be carried out to find out if the client’s profile fits the bank’s protocols.

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If everything is correct, the HSBC Rewards Credit Card will be delivered to the registered address, with a pre-approved limit based on the income presented at the time of registration.

Therefore, always before applying for the HSBC Rewards Credit Card, check if it is needed for everyday purchases and if redeeming points will benefit its use.


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