Capital One Credit Card


The Capital One Credit Card is a credit card from an English bank, which can be requested under the Mastercard or Visa brands.

Created to make life easier for customers looking for a credit card with the security of a competent financial institution, the Capital One Credit Card came to compete with a market full of options.


Capital One Credit Card
How to apply Capital One Credit Card (Picture: Internet)

This is because, more and more people are leaving money aside as the first form of payment, opting for the credit card, which guarantees safety and convenience in purchases.

In addition, before, purchases were made in physical stores, but this scenario has changed. Now, more and more online shopping is dominating the consumer market and that’s why the Capital One Credit Card is so important.

But what makes this card so requested? And how can you get a Capital One Credit Card today? See below for more details.

Advantages of Capital One Credit Card

We have separated the best advantages of Capital One Credit Card that make your service essential for your daily life:

  • 0% fees on balance transfers between cards or accounts;
  • Saving money by transferring your credit card balances to Capital One bank;
  • Excellent credit rating;
  • Credit limit up to £8,000;
  • 0% on balance transfers for up to 24 months;
  • Transfer fee of up to 3%;
  • 0% interest on purchases for 3 months.

How to apply for a Capital One Credit Card

Interested in this type of credit card and want to know how to apply for a Capital One Credit Card? Well, it can be done in two ways:

Online: access the bank’s official website, choose the credit card option, fill in the data and wait for approval.

Direct at the branch: visit a Capital One bank branch and apply for the card. Remembering that in this case you must be a customer to access the service.

In both requests, it will be necessary to prove:

  • Age over 18 years old;
  • Present proof of income;
  • Present proof of residence.

In addition, a credit analysis will be performed to find out if there are any outstanding financial issues and the bank considers you as a special customer to release the Capital One Credit Card.

Why have a Capital One Credit Card?

Now that you know a little more about this card, see why having a Capital One Credit Card:

More security: this credit card is linked to a strong English bank and therefore offers all the security in use operations.

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Ease of payment: you can pay the invoice through the Capital One Credit Card app installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

Bonus and Points Program: Capital One Credit Card has a points system, linked to Mastercard or Visa, which awards points every time the credit card is used. Thus, this jackpot can be exchanged for purchases at partner stores or for other bonuses.

So, what did you think of Capital One Credit Card? Before making the request, check if it fits your profile as a customer, if the rates are viable and avoid wrong use, which affects the family budget.


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