NedBank Platinum Credit Card


The NedBank Platinum Credit Card is a credit card for your day to day shopping and travel, providing all the necessary security during operations.

The credit card has become an essential item these days and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have one in their purse.


NedBank Platinum Credit Card
How to apply NedBank Platinum Credit Card (Picture: Internet)

And knowing the need of people nowadays, even more with the growth of online shopping, many financial institutions started to launch different types of cards in the market, for different groups of people.

That’s why the NedBank Platinum Credit Card enters this list, being one of the most requested cards of the moment, with exclusive rates and benefits.

Curious and want to know more about this credit card? See below!

NedBank Platinum Credit Card Fees

See below the fees that apply to this credit card:

  • $21.50 monthly service fee;
  • Credit facility fee from $18.50 per month;
  • Optional fee of $24 per month greenbacks;
  • Zero charges in case of card theft;
  • Charge $25 per additional card.

NedBank Credit Card Control Information

The NedBank Platinum Credit Card can be controlled via the Money or Online Banking app.

With the app installed on the cell phone or tablet in an Android or iOS system, the customer has access to the invoice, limit and other information about that credit card.

In addition, through the NedBank Credit Card app you can link the card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.

NedBank Platinum Credit Card Flexibility

For those who like to use their credit card for all purchases, the NedBank Platinum Credit Card is a great option, because it has:

  • Payment of purchases over time with budget ease;
  • Minimum 5% refund on outstanding balance;
  • Change of credit limit whenever necessary;
  • Accepted in physical stores, online or for withdrawals at ATMs or abroad.

Discover NedBank Platinum Credit Card Rewards and Discount Programs

With the NedBank Platinum Credit Card the customer can participate in points and discount programs at various partner establishments. See below for more details:

  • Earn Greenbacks on all card spend;
  • Use your Greenbacks STORE Card at major stores that accept American Express;
  • Get great restaurant deals and travel discounts on car rentals, flights and accommodations.

Use NedBank Credit Card on your next trip and get benefits

For those who like to travel and don’t leave their credit card aside, the NedBank Platinum Credit Card offers the following benefits:

  • Optional recharge travel insurance available;
  • Discounts on Hertz and Avis car rentals with Greenbacks.

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NedBank Platinum Credit Card Security

To close the information on this credit card, let us not forget to mention the security it offers during purchases. In addition, the NedBank Platinum Credit Card has:

  • Real-time SMSs for transactions;
  • Blocking and replacing the card using the Money app or mobile banking;
  • Online Banking Service by phone 0800 110 929, every day, 24 hours, in case of loss or theft;
  • Chip and PIN enabled card.

How to apply for the NedBank Platinum Credit Card

To apply for the NedBank Credit Card is quite easy. Just go to the official website, click on “Apply Online” and follow the procedures below.

Remembering that a credit analysis will be carried out to find out if you fit the bank’s profile. If everything is OK, the NedBank Platinum Credit Card is released and delivered to the registered address.


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