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With the VR DirectCard (debit card) you always have a perfect view of your expenses: The DirectCard is a debit card. Each transaction is deducted directly from your account. This means you have full control over your finances at all times and benefit from the functions of a Mastercard.

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VR DirectCard

How the VR DirectCard works

The VR DirectCard is a debit card. In concrete terms, this means that all payments are debited directly from the current account.

You can use the Raiffeisenbank BasicCard to pay online or in a store, for example using modern NFC technology to pay contactless and via Apple Pay.

The Volksbank Direct Card basically has only a few small differences compared to the cheapest Basic Card. The most important difference is the direct debit from your current account after each transaction, instead of recharging your credit card. The Direct Card has an annual fee of 48 euros, but is free with the Young Current Account model.

The model also promises free card replacement and free withdrawals from ATMs abroad. VR entertainment program is also included.

Main advantages of the VR DirectCard

There are many benefits to having the VR DirectCard, here are the main ones:

  1. Full transparency about your expenses: Unlike a credit card, with your DirectCard all transactions are debited directly from your account. This way you always have a complete view of your expenses. You can also view booked sales and your account balance at any time – online, on your mobile device or on your account statement.
  2. Up to 20** free cash withdrawals abroad per year from credit card: With DirectCard you receive 15 free cash withdrawals abroad in EU and EEA countries and 5 free cash withdrawals abroad outside EU and EEA countries per credit card year.
  3. 3% cashback on concert tickets -VR Entertain is the exclusive entertainment portal. Secure tickets to unforgettable shows, sporting highlights or extraordinary VIP events.
  4. As a customer of VR Bank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg eG, you can choose from more than 200,000 attractive events. Thanks to cashback, you, as a customer, will be reimbursed 1.5% and, as a Mastercard and Visa cardholder, up to 3% of the purchase prices of your tickets online (excluding fees). Use the ticket concierge for your individual ticket requests, for example for sold-out event tickets or VIP tickets. And with a little luck, you might win tickets or other attractive non-cash prizes in competitions.
  5. Cashless payments: Pay cashless at millions of Visa acceptance points around the world. You can also use your DirectCard when paying online.
  6. Contactless and mobile payments: You can make contactless payments with your DirectCard whenever you see the contactless symbol. You can also use your card to pay with your Android or Apple smartphone.
  7. Withdraw cash: You can withdraw money from millions of ATMs or bank branches around the world. If there is no ATM nearby, simply use the cashback function at the store checkout with your DirectCard and receive the money in store.
  8. Travel bonuses: Book your next trip with your DirectCard via the travel portal vr-meinereise.de and you will receive a 4% travel bonus 1 .
  9. Desired reason; Choose the desired motif for your card from one of the four motifs “Standard”, “Sandy Beach”, “Home Planet” or “Play of Colors”.

Main disadvantages of the VR DirectCard

There are many things to consider when obtaining a VR DirectCard, so you should think carefully about your decision to apply for it. These are the main reasons:

  1. The VR DirectCard stands out as an attractive option, especially for those specifically looking for a prepaid credit card. For this group of people, it offers a convenient and flexible solution to manage their spending without the need for a credit history or worrying about monthly bills. However, when compared with other free credit cards available on the market, the VR DirectCard may seem less attractive due to its lack of additional services and benefits.
  2. Fees for National and International Withdrawals: Before purchasing the VR DirectCard, check the fees associated with withdrawals, both within the country and abroad. These fees can often vary significantly between different credit cards, and should be taken into consideration when evaluating the card’s convenience and value for money.
  3. Fees for Payments in Foreign Currency: If you intend to use your card outside the country or make online purchases in foreign currency, it is important to be aware of the fees applicable to these transactions. Some institutions charge additional fees for payments in foreign currencies, which may increase the total cost of your purchases.

How to apply for the VR DirectCard

Applying for the Credit One Credit Card is easy. The application includes proof of income, financial history and other financial information.

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of license requested. More expensive licenses require stricter controls and solid financial records.

Once your reservation is approved, a Visa renewal credit card will be sent to the address you provided during registration. We recommend that you carefully review the Terms and Conditions

to understand the financial restrictions and special features of the card. A credit card renewal visa may be the best way to obtain information.

People who earn a steady income or have enough assets to pay their bills in full each billing cycle (or weekly if scheduled) using Auto Bill.

Good luck and click the green button to learn more about this amazing Credit One Credit Card and its opportunities on the official site.

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