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The Hanseatic Bank GoldCard card is a smart choice, offering comprehensive protection for purchases and travel with favorable conditions. For example, you can withdraw cash for free almost anywhere in the world, giving you more financial freedom in your day-to-day life. Gold

Hanseatic Bank GoldCard holders also have access to attractive benefits from all over the world, ensuring an even more rewarding and comprehensive financial experience. Come and experience how a Gold Card can transform your financial life.


Hanseatic Bank GoldCard

Features of Hanseatic Bank GoldCard 

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your Hanseatic Bank GoldCard . With its wide range of benefits and amenities, this card opens the door to a new world of finance. 

From purchase and travel protection to access to exclusive offers, the Gold Card goes beyond the ordinary. Make the most of your finances and embark on this journey full of advantages and security. The

Hanseatic Bank GoldCard  also comes with a comprehensive insurance package that gives you peace of mind in all your activities, not just your financial transactions.This insurance package is activated automatically the first time you use your card to make a purchase online or at an ATM. 

Protect you from a variety of situations, wherever you are in the world, with insurance that includes trip cancellation and interruption insurance, health insurance for international travel, baggage insurance, flight and baggage delay insurance, smartphone insurance and much more. 

With the Gold Card, you can travel with confidence and be protected by a comprehensive insurance package.

Whether it’s an unexpected cancellation, a health problem while traveling abroad, lost luggage or a delayed flight, we have the support you need. In addition, smartphone insurance provides cover if your device is damaged or stolen, giving you greater peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

Wherever you are, the  Gold Card is by your side, providing not only financial comfort, but also security in your daily life and during your travels. 

With a comprehensive insurance package, you can enjoy all the benefits of your card and have the peace of mind of being protected in any situation.

Advantages of Hanseatic Bank GoldCard 

You can try the Gold Card for the first year with no annual fee. New customers can enjoy financial freedom without paying an annual fee for the first year. 

From the next year, the annual fee will be waived if your annual sales reach at least 3,000 euros, excluding ATM sales and current account transfers. The normal annual fee from the second year onwards is 35 euros.

Enjoy generous card limits of up to €3,500 with the Gold card. This flexible limit allows you to use your card for travel, shopping and other expenses. You can also transfer a portion of your card limit to your current account via the Hansa Bank mobile app, online banking or directly through the app.

Withdraw cash for free at ATMs around the world and make cashless payments at more than 100 million acceptance points worldwide.

With the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard you get free access to cash at ATMs all over the world, without any additional costs. In addition, you can pay automatically and cashlessly in the local currency with your PIN, signature or contactless with Google Pay or Apple Pay in over 100 million stores.

Disadvantages of Hanseatic Bank GoldCard 

Despite the many benefits that the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard  offers, it is important to be aware of some disadvantages associated with this card. Firstly, the annual fee is waived for the first year, but from the second year onwards there may be an annual fee of 35 euros, which could be an additional cost for the cardholder. 

To avoid this fee in subsequent years, you will also have to meet a minimum annual spend of 3,000 euros, which can be difficult for some users, especially if they use the card infrequently or make large purchases.

Another disadvantage to consider is that you may incur additional fees when withdrawing from ATMs around the world. 

Although the Gold Card allows free ATM withdrawals, ATM operators may charge additional fees, which can result in unexpected expenses for cardholders, especially in regions where withdrawal fees are common. 

It is therefore important to bear these possible costs in mind when withdrawing money using your gold card. The

Gold cards offer generous limits of up to €3,500 and the convenience of cashless payments at millions of merchants worldwide, but you can decide whether it suits your financial needs and lifestyle. It’s important to consider the fees and requirements associated with a card.

How to Apply to Hanseatic Bank GoldCard 

Applying for a credit card is quick and easy.Complete your application in just 5 minutes and receive an instant decision and get immediate access to your Hanseatic Bank GoldCard Once approved, you can verify your identity quickly and easily via a video call to verify your identity and sign it digitally, speeding up the process even more.

You will receive your gold card in the mail shortly afterwards, just enter the PIN you want.You can immediately use your card to make purchases, withdraw money from ATMs and enjoy all the benefits of the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard.

Requirements of Hanseatic Bank GoldCard 

The application requirements for the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard are relatively affordable, but it’s important to know a few conditions.

To qualify, you must have a verifiable regular income and reside in Hansa Bank’s region of operation.In addition, you must have excellent credit to increase your chances of being approved.

Finally, it is important to provide complete and accurate documentation during the application process, including proof of identity, proof of income and proof of creditworthiness, to speed up the approval process and ensure a quick response regarding the status of your application.

If you meet these requirements, you can enjoy the benefits of the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard .


The Hanseatic Bank GoldCard offers many important benefits, including: the convenience of no annual fee for the first year, generous card limits and free cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.

In addition, the card’s comprehensive insurance package provides added peace of mind when traveling and shopping.

However, for those looking for a card that meets their needs and offers a range of benefits and amenities, the Hanseatic Bank GoldCard  can be a valuable option, offering a more complete and rewarding financial experience.

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