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UnitPlus Mastercard is the only bank card with positive real interest rates. And this is the first time ETF portfolios are being integrated in the international payment space.

Users’ money is put to work and invested in capital markets instead of lying dormant in low-interest yielding bank accounts.


UnitPlus gives customers access to a very convenient investment solution, and money is available to use anytime, making it tailored to their investing and spending needs.

Are you thinking about applying for UnitPlus Mastercard? You can learn all this first-hand in our article on UnitPlus.

UnitPlus Mastercard

How the UnitPlus Mastercard works

The  UnitPlus Mastercard is an innovative credit card that combines the best of two worlds: everyday cash investments as well as ETFs and everyday bank card payments.

With the Mastercard debit card, you can put your money to work for you while conveniently making payments directly with the interest you earn.

Open a selected ETF portfolio and/or individual ETF savings plan as a one-time investment and/or choose a daily cash option with CashPlus, which currently (November 17, 2023) pays 3.98% interest per year.

You benefit from the return on your long-term investments and withdraw the money from the increased interest on your credit card or pay with it.

Regardless of whether it is CashPlus or another investment strategy, an investment strategy charges 0.50% of the money invested per year in fees.

Furthermore, there are only fees for investment products and ETFs themselves (between 0.10% and 0.20% per year). For each additional investment strategy after the first, a monthly fee of 1 euro is charged.

If you withdraw money with your card, you will be charged a fee of 2 euros. Payment is free, even in foreign currencies.

Another attractive aspect of this card is the “ETF-back” program. For every Mastercard debit card payment, the user receives 0.1% of the transaction as “ETF-back”.

Through the recommendation of UnitPlus, so-called units are collected: one unit is worth one euro. There are ten units for a successful recommendation. These amounts are automatically reinvested in the portfolio at the end of the quarter, further increasing the return potential.

The UnitPlus card represents an innovative solution for those who want to combine daily payments with a long-term investment. Or as the creators said: PayPal for investments.

With low costs, a wide selection of over 800 ETFs, and the added benefit of the ETF spins and units program as well as the CashPlus daily cash offer, this card offers an attractive way to put your money to work efficiently while manages everyday life. A product called FestPlus has already been announced.

Main advantages of the UnitPlus Mastercard

There are many benefits to having the UnitPlus Mastercard, here are the main ones:

  • Promotion: 10 euro bonus*
  • Free debit card payment at home and abroad, with no foreign currency fees
  • Invest in any wallet, when paying with the UnitPlus card the money is withdrawn directly from the wallet
  • No fees for savings plans and first investment strategy
  • 0.10 percent cashback, here called “ETF-back”, for each payment with UnitPlus
  • When recommending the collection of so-called units, one unit is worth one euro
  • Eligible Savings Plan
  • Possibility of using a 2.0 savings plan, which uses artificial intelligence to suggest optimal amounts to invest
  • FestPlus: Bond portfolio as a fixed-term deposit alternative with 3.65 percent interest: invest money until September 2027 including interest distributions during the term, which are reinvested directly to take advantage of the effect of compound interest, can be settled within the deadline
  • Video identification via IDnow
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay


  • Credit card banking app for Android and iOS
  • Credit card can be blocked and activated at any time using credit card banking through the app
  • Current movements on the credit card account are immediately visible to cardholders
  • Real-time push notifications possible for every transaction on the banking app
  • Quick information about (suspicious) movements in the credit card account via the email service
  • MasterCard Secure Code

Main disadvantages of the UnitPlus Mastercard

There are many things to consider when obtaining a UnitPlus Mastercard, so you should think carefully about your decision to apply for it. These are the main reasons:

Limitations on Participation:

  • Only a limited number of nationalities can currently participate, even if resident in Germany.
  • Restrictions are due to high-speed AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your client) measures.
  • Participation is mainly open to EU and EEA nationals, with exceptions such as Ukrainians.
  • UK nationals are currently excluded from participation.

This looks like a good service for the beginner, someone who wants early stage exposure to markets in a safer way, and does not want to be constantly checking back on his/her investments.

The fact that you have to live in Germany and be confined to a small list of nationalities will obviously hamper growth initially, but if it can be rolled out into other European markets, it could be quite successful.

How to apply for the UnitPlus Mastercard

Applying for the UnitPlus Mastercard is easy. The application includes proof of income, financial history and other financial information.

Eligibility criteria for UnitPlus Mastercard will depend on the type of license requested. More expensive licenses require stricter controls and solid financial records.

After downloading the app, our partner IDnow will guide you through the identification process via a video call. For this, you need a valid passport or ID card.

To ensure that you can be understood and seen, please check beforehand whether your camera and microphone of your smartphone are working.

Before using your UnitPlus card for the first time, pay attention to the following points:

1. Open your UnitPlus app and click on the card icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Then click on ‘Set Card PIN here’ and create your personal PIN.

3. Now your UnitPlus card is ready to use.

4. To ensure you can also make contactless payments with your UnitPlus card, your first payment must be made at a landline card reader using your PIN. Online should now work.

Good luck and click the green button to learn more about this amazing UnitPlus Mastercard and its opportunities on the official site.

You will be redirected to the official website.


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