10 facts about dollar bills you probably didn’t know


Hello! After telling you some things about saving money with your electricity bill and driving, now we are going to bring some pieces of information that are a little…useless. Actually, no information is totally unnecessary. Everything can be used in order to entertain or to initiate a conversation, for instance. Since the purpose of Credit Boost is to inform you of money-related issues, why not presenting 10 facts about dollar bills?

Some of them might seem a little crazy while others are just fun to know. Check them about and tell what are the ones you liked the most and also inform what were the ones you did not know!


facts about dollar bills
Discover 10 funny, weird, and interesting facts about dollar bills! (Source: Pixabay)

You should know these interesting facts about dollar bills

1 It remained unchanged for more than 50 years

Wow, that is a long time for currency, don`t you think?

2 The last change in them was adding  “In God We Trust”

It happened in 1963, and the responsibility for it was of President Dwight Eisenhower.

3 Not everyone stamped on the actual bills are the original faces

Some of the bills changed a lot, for instance, the $1 dollar bill, which didn’t carry any reference to Washington at first.

4 A woman stamped a dollar bill, but just for a while

The first First Lady, Martha Washington, was the face of the $1 silver certificate. No exactly dollar bills, he certificates were backed by the U.S. government’s silver deposits.  However, they were known as The Martha dollars and had a long run until being discontinued.

 5 If you look at the corner of a dollar bill, you will find out a hidden owl

Yes, right on top of the number one. Check!

6 It is kinda cheap to produce a dollar bill

Just some cents.

7 A dollar bill falls out of circulation in about 5.8 years

No one likes the old, torn ones.

8 The $1 dollar bills have enemies

Some senators have proposed to turn them into a $1 coin. Did you know that?

 9 AMAZING ONE: You can actually track your dollar bills

They have a zip code and, when you enter it at Where’s George, you can see the places it has been before coming into your hands.

10 The pyramid in your 1$ dollar bill represents the Young Country

If you don’t know what this is, we tell you. It represents the young United States, with 13 steps, representing the original 13 colonies. It also presents an unfinished top, reflecting the growing and expanding the country still had to do. Additionally, we see the “Eye of Providence”. It stays at the top because it represents an all-seeing god. It is NOT referenced to the Illuminati.

So, how did you like these facts about dollar bills? Did you know any or some of them? Probably not, but now that you do, do not forget to share this information with your family and friends. If you had a good time reading it, they might have it as well. However, if you did not find this to be useful, read and share other content from Finances Credit! There is plenty of useful information here.


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