3 ways of saving money when buying stationery


Buying stationery is like going to the shopping mall when you are a stationery lover. You eagerly follow the trending brands when it comes to launching new products, even when new means slightly different colors. You not only know how to differentiate pastel colors from neon ones, of course, but you also can tell the paperweight of anything you touch. This might not even be your case, but I may be describing someone in your family.

If you have someone like the passionate lover described above living with you or under your responsibility, probably you are in charge of buying everything that the stationery dictator wants. Is there a new set of fine tip pen to try in the super expensive planner recently bought? Let’s get it! A pen brand with a bad reputation with respect to stains is launching a new product. Let’s get it as well. However, this is not a healthy way of spending your money.


buying stationery
If you or someone in your family is a stationery freak, check our tips on buying stationary. (Source: Pixabay)

3 ways of saving money while buying stationary

1 Make lists

This is not something only people buying stationary should do. If you want to live in a budget, you must be aware of what you need and what you want. Sometimes it is hard to conciliate both, but you should separate one from the other anyway. That being your case, make a list of everything you have to buy according to your college or school.

Most of the time, you won’t need much beyond the basics, but telling this to a stationery freak is crazy. They want what they want where they want, and there lies the problem. The advice is: buy what you need and plan buying what you want, which is, save money to buy your stuff. Budget them.

2 Take your list with you when shopping

Here we present a super general tip that works better when combined with the first one we gave. Lists unused will be of no worth to you. If you make a list of what you need, stick to it when you are buying stationery. You will see that having the list with you will help you to buy in cheaper places. This means that you might end up with extra money to spend on expensive stuff. If you don’t create the habit now, you’ll never know.

3 Stop doing what people tell you to do

We are aware that the stationery movement has a lot to do with money paid to YouTubers and influencers. Do you really think people serious with their study are truly worried with the 500th pen that is out? Let us tell you: they are not. However, they are paid to make you think you need something that you don’t. This being the case, you should be careful with the selection of the people you allow to have influence over you.

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We hope you enjoyed the 3 tips we gave to those who want to spend less when buying stationary. It can be fun, but only if you’re not out of budget. If you want to know how to be more thoughtful when spending your money, keep up with Credit Boost content.


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