Coronavirus: social isolation and the French baguette


Once the whole world is undergoing isolation stages, it is interesting to observe how each country expresses culturally in this moment of a pandemic. You can’t think of France without its boulangeries. There are things that can go out of style like the French beret. Even so, not even a pandemic takes the French baguette away from the residents of that country.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the world has promoted social isolation. This has meant that cities and countries have found creative and unique solutions to deal with this pandemic context. Thus, different “quarantine cultures” have appeared around the world.


French baguette
Understand what the French baguette has to do with COVID-19! (Source: Baking Med)

What does the French baguette have to do with the COVID-19 pandemic?

The truth is that the pandemic is highlighting for each country what matters to its people. Therefore, the true essence of each nation is being revealed. In addition, this moment is making even clearer the great diversity that exists in this world with regard to different peoples, cultures, and places.

In France, the country’s government has implemented measures to prevent the advance of the pandemic. To leave the house, a French now need to issue a signed document that explains why he left home. In addition, the government closed companies considered “non-essential”. Among the exceptions are those that are considered essential for life in the nation: boulangeries, shops selling cheese and wine, and butcher shops.

Thus, around 33,000 Bakeries French did not close their doors. Therefore, the smell of fresh bread has not failed to be felt in the streets of France. Even obeying social distancing, the French remained buying his baguette daily.

Baguettes and culture

It is important to consider that Baguette is French symbolic food. Before they know anywhere else, French children visit a Boulangerie to buy bread. The elderly, in turn, have their moment of daily socialization in this place. Therefore, keeping these places open is important in a country with this cultural aspect.

The French are renowned for their artisan bread. By using the four basic ingredients of water, flour, yeast, and salt, the French have mastered the art of creating complex bread that widely varies, despite the fact that each loaf contains a mixture of the same ingredients.

However, it is not enough to buy a baguette. Without the wine, the meal gets incomplete. This drink is as important as alcohol gel for the French.

The truth is that social greetings such as kisses and hugs may end up getting aside because of the pandemic. However, the joie de vivre of the French needs to continue. Long life for the French baguette and for the French people!


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