Coronavirus-free: what Nauru is doing to be one of last places to catch Covid-19?


Believe it or not there is a coronavirus-free country.  The united nations are made up of 193 nations. Of these, only 18 cases of Covid-19 were reported, until April 2. The information is from Johns Hopkins University.

Among them are Comoros, Kiribati, Lesotho. Also consider the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Naurin. North Korea, Palau, Samoa, Sao Tome, and Principe did not report any cases as well. Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Yemen also make part of the countries with no COVID-19 cases.


Despite this, some experts believe that some of these countries may have omitted cases, such as North Korea, which has not officially presented any cases. Just like Yemen. However, the virus is already in all countries. The exception may be small islands, which receive few visitors. This means that living on these small islands is already an isolation.

Is there a coronavirus-free country? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is yes. Get to know a little bit of Nauru! (Source: 4oito)

Get to know Nauru: a coronavirus-free country

200 miles (320 km) from anywhere in the Pacific Ocean, we find Nauru. The nearest place is Banana Island, which is part of Kiribati. After Monaco, it is the second smallest UN state in terms of size. It is also the second smallest in the number of inhabitants: only 10,000 inhabitants. Second only to Tuvalu.

Another peculiarity of Nauru receives only 160 tourists annually. For this reason, it is one of the places that receive fewer tourists in the world. Despite this, the country also needs isolation, since the country has only one hospital, which does not have a ventilator and has a small staff of nurses.  It is imperative that Nauru needs to continues as a coronavirus-free country.

Nauru has closed its borders, that is, its airport for South Korea and China. Then it extended the restriction to other countries. They also reduced flights from Brisbane, from 3 times a week, to once every fortnight. Those arriving from Australia, on the other hand, had to go through a 14-day quarantine before being able to move.

Capture and containment

They are calling it “containment capture”. Thus, their airport has become the border through which they keep the virus away. They control who is quarantined through the symptoms. If it gets worse, the insulation also becomes more rigid. All until Australia sent kits to test for Covid-19. The result was that everyone was negative.

Nauruans are calm and controlled. This helped them to go through the crisis, with the help of other countries, to whom they are grateful. Among them are countries with which it has close relations with Nauru, such as Taiwan and Australia.

Natural isolation has always been a problem for Nauru. But it was thanks to him that the country can claim to be a coronavirus-free country. The case of that country proved that the blockades can work. But it is not a strategy that can be used for long periods.


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