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Opening a profitable business is no easy when you don’t have good capital to invest. However, there are some nice options for you. Keep them in mind when the time of searching for good offers and opportunities come. Do not jump into the first thing that seems to be interesting or lucrative. Sometimes they look like that at first but might let you with problems after. Check below some ideas for real profitable small businesses that won’t let you down.

Oh, this is somehow a blog post about investments. Be sure to check other forms of investing your money by visiting our website! Don’t forget that when you buy a small business you are expecting the amount invested to return as profit. It is a chanceful choice, but with the ideas you are going to get below, probably your goals will be achieved.


profitable small businesses
Ideas for profitable small businesses to those with little or no capital! (Source: Pixabay)

You might like to know these profitable small businesses in order to invest your capital

You should know in advance that in order to invest little in your business, first, you must invest in yourself. This is because sometimes you will not have a specific place to execute your work. The ideas you are going to see below are examples of that. Not necessarily you must have some capital, to begin with, but consider investing money in education and other forms of specialization.

Being a good reference in your area is important and the formation you have is part of that. Besides, you will need to learn about digital marketing if you want to make your services known to lots of possible clients. Knowledge on social media, LinkedIn, websites and blog posts like this one you are reading are highly recommendable.

Newborn and Post-pregnancy

Did you ever hear someone talk about a doula? This is a professional that is present during the delivery of a child. The functions executed by this type of professional involve soothing the soon-to-be parents, preparing everything that is required in order to make childbirths secure and not stressful. Doulas can also be lactant-consultants, i.e., the person that helps a new mom to understand the right manner of nursing and feeding her baby.

This is one of the most profitable small businesses because you don’t need much to start. Focus on good education and propagating your work.


If you know how to play any instrument or if you are an expert in some type of sport, consider teaching children. This is something that is not restricted to motor skills. A lot of parents are searching for good professionals that are able to help their kids with subjects as Math and a foreign language.

Online education

Extending what we were saying in the last subject, consider teaching online if you don’t like the idea of having a child around. There is space for language professors but a lot of other subjects can be taught as well.

Marketing Copywriter

If you don’t want to be in contact with people, all you need to be a copywriter is a computer and internet connection. Probably this is one of the most profitable small businesses that we know. Even this text you are reading right now was written by a copywriter. We can talk about anything from our comfy sofas if we want to. Would be interested to join our team? Search for opportunities!

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