How to save money on grocery shopping


If you are doing your groceries for the first time or you just don’t know how to do it correctly, please read this post! We have a lot of useful tips on how to save money on grocery shopping, but this isn’t all. When you learn how to spend your money wisely, you also live better. 

That being so, the tips below are actually on how to live a better life. Are you still interested?


how to save money on grocery shopping
Discover how to save money on grocery shopping today! (Picture: Pixabay)

How to live your best life by spending less: how to save money on grocery shopping

Ok, let’s separate this in three specific times of your month: before, while and after shopping. 


Before heading to the grocery shop, do yourself a big favor: plan what you are going to buy. With no planning splurging comes in. 

Thus, write down everything you need to buy first. If there is money to buy more than what you really need, great. You can spend it if you want to. However, if there is no money, enter the shop focused on buying what is crucial. 

See what you must buy from the list below, for instance:

  • Food;
  • Beverages;
  • Cleaning products;
  • personal hygiene products.

Even what we think we need is not what we need today. That being the case, choose to buy what is urgent.

Of course, budgeting is also a very needed ability. Thus, every month, sit with your partner, or with your family, or with yourself. Discuss if the income is enough and if you are overspending. 


While you shop, do not allow yourself to be distracted. As we mentioned before, you must enter the shop with your mindset on those things you planned to buy. If you buy them and see that there is money left, you may spend it. 

However, do not forget to check if this money isn’t saved for something else.

Besides, if you have children, do not let them dictate what you should buy. As a parent, you are responsible for the little one’s health, which takes us to the next subject.


What we have here is kind of a cycle. Plan, buy, repeat. 

However, you could benefit from some tips for the post-buying. 

Do you always buy your groceries at the same place? Why don’t you visit different places in order to check and analyze the prices? You might be spending more than what you really need to. 

Besides, you might not be buying the things you need. If your family’s goal is to live a healthy, abundant life, you shouldn’t be spending on unhealthy snacks and sodas. Although people usually say that eating well is expensive, you know what costs more? Health, when you don’t have it. 

When it comes to how to save money on grocery shopping, you should really bet on living on a budget. This is basically living the lifestyle you can. That being the case, do not forget to save for emergencies. Also, plan to improve your finances in order to live the lifestyle you want. 


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