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The belief in reincarnation is an ancient idea that originated in various cultures around the world.

The idea that people’s souls are reincarnated into different bodies over time is fascinating to many people, and many seek ways to find out who they may have been in past lives.


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With the advancement of technology, many apps have emerged that claim to help people discover their supposed identity in past lives.

These apps promise to reveal information about past lives and even connect people with their “soul family”.

However, it is important to note that belief in reincarnation is not widely accepted and many consider the idea of discovering an identity in past lives through an app as entertainment.

But for those who are curious and believe in past lives, an app can be a useful tool to explore this possibility.

How to discover your identity in past lives?

There are several different types of reincarnation apps available, and each one works a little differently. Some apps rely on astrology, numerology, or other esoteric systems to provide information about past lives.

These apps may ask for personal information from the user, such as birthdate and name, to generate a personality profile, and then provide information about possible past lives based on this profile.

Other apps use hypnosis or guided meditation to help users access past life memories. These apps usually involve audio sessions that guide the user through a visualization or regression to access their past life memories.

These apps can be useful for those who wish to experience past life regression without having to seek out a therapist or hypnosis practitioner.

Here are 5 applications to discover your identity in past lives:

1. The Past Life Calculator

The Past Life Calculator is an application that allows you to find out who you were in a past life based on your name and date of birth. The app uses numerology to calculate your past life and give a description about who you were.

“The Past Life Calculator” app is an app available for iOS and Android that claims to help users discover information about their supposed past lives. The app was developed by Internet Design Zone, an app development company based in Mumbai, India.

Unlike other past life apps, “The Past Life Calculator” does not require users to fill out an extensive questionnaire or provide personal information. Instead, it uses the user’s date of birth to calculate information about past lives.

The app claims that it can provide information about the user’s personality in past lives, as well as their profession and skills.

It also claims that it can provide information about significant events that occurred in past lives, as well as important relationships and conflicts.

The app is free to download, but includes in-app purchases to unlock additional features. Users can also share their findings on social media directly from the app.

2. Reincarnation

Reincarnation is another application that uses numerology to discover your identity in past lives. The application asks you to enter your full name and date of birth to generate a description of who you were in your previous life.

Reincarnations is a holistic therapy app that helps users discover their past lives, understand their life purpose, and find their inner peace. The app is free to download and is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Upon starting the app, the user is invited to create an account, answer some basic questions about themselves and their spiritual beliefs, and choose a life goal. The goal can be anything from finding true love to achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Once a goal is chosen, the app offers the user a series of daily activities, including meditation, visualization, and affirmations, to help them focus on achieving that goal. The app also offers an online community, where users can connect and share their experiences and ideas with other users.

The app’s main feature, however, is the past life regression session. The user is guided through a guided meditation that takes them into a state of expanded consciousness.

From there, the user is taken on a journey back in time to discover their past life. The application allows the user to record their experiences and save them for later review.

One of the distinctive features of Reincarnations is its approach based on scientific and therapeutic research. The app was developed by a team of holistic therapy experts, who worked together to create a safe and effective therapy platform to help people find inner peace and happiness.

3. My Past Life

My Past Life is an application that allows you to discover your past life based on your current preferences.

The app asks a series of questions about your food, music, movie, and hobby preferences to generate a description of who you were in a past life.

The My Past Life app is another app that promises to help users discover information about their past lives. Available for iOS, the app has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Like other apps of its kind, My Past Life asks the user to enter personal information such as full name, date of birth, and place of birth.

The application then uses this information to generate a past life reading, with information about who the user might have been in previous lives.

The app has some additional options, such as the ability to share your past life reading on social media and the option to save your reading for later viewing.

4. Past Life Regression Hypnosis

The “Past Life Regression Hypnosis” application is designed to provide guided hypnosis sessions to help users explore their past lives.

The application uses the hypnotic regression technique to help users access their unconscious memories and relive past life experiences.

Upon starting the app, the user is presented with a list of guided hypnosis session options, which include a session to explore a specific past life, a session to connect with a spiritual guide, and a session to resolve past-life trauma or emotional blocks.

The sessions are guided by a professional hypnotherapist and include suggestions to help the user deepen their hypnotic state and visualize their past life experiences. The application also includes soft music and sound effects to help the user relax and concentrate on the session.

In addition, the app includes a journal where the user can record their past life experiences after each hypnosis session. The diary can also be used to record thoughts and feelings during the past life exploration process.

5. Past Life Analyzer

Past Life Analyzer is an application that uses astrology to discover your identity in past lives. The application asks you to enter your name and date of birth, as well as the time and place of birth to generate a description of who you were in a past life.

The “Past Life Analyzer” app is an app for discovering supposed identities in past lives, which allows users to enter personal information, such as date and place of birth, and get a reading of their past life based on spiritual beliefs.

Unlike other apps that use algorithms or hypnosis to generate information about past lives, Past Life Analyzer uses the technique of intuitive reading.

Users must focus on their current life while an intuitive reads their energy and information. The application then generates a detailed report of their past life based on the reading.

The report includes information about the user’s alleged past life, including the time, place, social role, and purpose of life at that time. The application also provides information about what the user may have learned in their past life and how this may affect their current life.

It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of past lives or the effectiveness of these apps.

They should be viewed only as a form of entertainment and not as a tool to change your life or make important decisions. Also, it is always important to be careful when sharing your personal information on any app.

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