The NFL is great – Learn how to watch games for free with the best apps


Many NFL fans don’t like to be away from their team’s information and don’t like to miss games, even more so if there is a possibility to watch games for free.

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The biggest difficulty for NFL fans is having to pay a high price on platforms, websites, and apps to be able to watch the games. However, there are some apps where you can watch games for free.


Check out the 8 Best Free Apps to Watch the Games for Free

In addition, see below in this content what these apps are and which one might be the best for you to watch your NFL team’s games:

1. Live Sport Pro

Firstly, to start the list off in style, we have a simple but effective app. Live Sports Pro is an amazing sports streaming app that brings together all the professional leagues and events for you to watch, especially NFL games.

With it in hand, installed on your smartphone, you’ll be able to access game schedules, highlights, sports analysis, and also the option to replay the games in case you miss them.

2. Live Net TV

Secondly, we have Live Net TV, an app that is extremely famous for providing a free live TV channel streaming service.

With it the user can access more than 700 live TV channels from around the world. In addition, it is also worth mentioning the platform, extremely simple and intuitive, with great navigation.

You can browse through countless categories such as Sports, Entertainment, News, Kids and others. To watch your team’s NFL games, just go to the “Sports” and “NFL” tab.

Check it out and download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

3. Dofu Sports

Another complete app to use and watch games for free is Dofu Sports, including almost all sporting events and games around the world for free.

The additional advantage of this platform is that it does not require account creation or even a monthly charge for the user. Everything is entirely simple, easy and intuitive.

With it, you will be able to watch NFL games in high quality, wherever you want, however you want. And if you want to watch other programming, you can too.

4. Rapid Streamz

Rapid Streamz offers a free streaming service with over 800 live TV channels from different categories including sports, movies, kids, comedy and others.

This is a great option for you to watch games for free wherever and whenever you want.

You can also open separate tabs to live sporting events that are happening, including NFL and others.

5. Lepto Sports

Lepto Sports is one of the best sports streaming apps, featuring an extremely intuitive and simple to use app.

In addition, you can also watch the games for free on different live channels and languages to watch according to your preference.

Check it out and download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

6. La Deportes

Continuing the list of apps to watch NFL games for free, here we have La Deportes. The popularity of this app has increased quite a bit and could be a great option for 2023.

In addition to providing NFL content and streaming games for free, it also provides access to live events from various sports such as NFL, NHL, soccer, and others.

7. Media Lounge

Therefore, here we have Media Lounge, one of the most interesting apps to watch the games for free, as well as offering various movies, TV channels, sports, and other content (all for free).

No need to worry about creating an account, paying a monthly fee, or even with the security of this platform. Everything is extremely reliable. Enjoy!

8. Yahoo Sports

Finally, Yahoo Sports is established as one of the most interesting apps. With it you can access everything about your NFL team.

Just create an account, select your team, and check out the news feed full of information just about your team. See hot news, statistics, live videos and full games.

Check it out and download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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