The NBA is great – Learn how to watch games for free with the best apps


Firstly, if you are a basketball fan and don’t miss any NBA games, this content is exactly for you. Today, there are many ways to follow the world’s most competitive basketball league, especially ways to watch NBA games for free.

watch NBA games for free
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With this, many apps have emerged on the scene to facilitate this access and allow fans to watch NBA games for free anywhere, on any device. Without a doubt, we can say that the experience is like being in the front row of the bleachers.


In this sense, we have prepared a special list with several apps to watch NBA games for free for you to follow on your smartphone. See below for the complete list:

1. NBA: Official App

To start this content, we couldn’t help but talk about one of the main and most complete apps that offers many features, besides providing all the live broadcasts of the NBA games.

Moreover, with this app in hand you can record the matches and watch the missed game in case you have an appointment at the time of the live broadcast.

This way, you will be able to leave without a burden on your conscience for your appointment in case the time of your appointment coincides with the game.

In this sense, another interesting point is that after the games the animation does not stop, continuing the debate in the broadcast studios with the journalists. With it, you can follow the regular season, from the playoffs, the semifinals to the final.

2. ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

Another very interesting, high-quality application is this one. With it you can stay in touch with all the latest news and scores from the NBA world.

The highlight and differentiation for using this app is basically that it forms a news feed just like social networking apps. In the case of sports, it starts to dominantly show the content related to what you are used to watching.

This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to schedule dates, times, anything like that. Just log into the app, and you will see what is playing, whether it is live games, news, etc.

3. NBA Basketball Live

Continuing the list of apps to watch NBA games for free, we have this amazing and famous app. Within it, we find more functions and exclusive points, being able to access it through an Apple cell phone.

Moreover, with it in hand, you will be able to see all the games that will be broadcasted, as well as all the statistics and game information.

In addition, you will also have full access to player interviews, post-game sports commentary by journalists and even press conferences.

4. Team Apps: watch NBA games for free

This app is intended for those who have an NBA basketball team and would like to receive content, information, and notifications of games only the team you support.

For example, if you root for the Chicago Bulls, you will be able to follow the team’s schedule, scores, standings, play-by-play tracking, live stats and more. All just from the Chicago Bulls.

5. Splive Player: watch NBA games for free

Fifth on the list, for those who like the simplicity and ease of having their NBA games in the palm of their hand, anywhere, this app might be amazing.

You just need to log into the app, and you will see in front of you all the links that stream the NBA games live.

The downside of this app is only one: the fact that it displays ads during some parts of the broadcast. Therefore, you will have to close some advertising tabs.

The download is free for all smartphones with Android system.

6. YouTube TV

Finally, to close the list, we have an application known to most people in the world, agree? It is not news to anyone that YouTube is one of the most used websites in the world, even more so thanks to YouTube TV, which offers more than 60 free TV channels.

It is currently available for Android and iOS devices. In addition, it is totally possible to enjoy a free trial period, but you will have to pay your monthly subscription.

You can find famous channels such as FOX Sports, ESPN and get directly into the NBA league channel. Take advantage of all the features and benefits of this great opportunity.

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