Best apps to find out the baby’s gender – Learn how to download


Currently, thousands of people are looking for solutions to countless things on the internet, mainly in your app store. With that, especially for pregnant women, apps to find out the baby’s gender have become very popular.

In addition, we can say that the ultrasound exams and fetal sexing do not allow discovering the baby’s sex before the eighth week, creating an absurd expectation in future mothers.


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However, as a way to ease and shorten this important discovery, apps to find out the baby’s gender will help you. That way, it will be easier to plan your reveal shower and your baby shower after identifying the baby’s gender.

In this article, we list the various app to find out the baby’s gender, as well as tips, so that you can satisfy your curiosity as soon as possible. See below for a compilation of information, as well as the complete list of apps.

Main Features in Apps to find out the baby’s Gender

Of course, to be able to choose the best application, it is necessary to understand some main characteristics, such as:

  • It must be free  – While paid apps may be available, they are not as accurate as free, non-commercial apps.
  • It should be user-friendly  – ​​The app should be easy to navigate and use. All apps on this list are intuitive, clear, simple, without complex words.
  • It must be trackable  – The tracking part is crucial to finding out your baby’s gender, and it must track its progress accurately.
  • Must be Reviewed  – All apps on this list are reviewed by real users and medical professionals. This guarantees the reliability of the listed apps.

What are the Best Apps to find out the baby’s gender?

In this sense, after understanding the characteristics that a good app to find out the baby’s gender must have, let’s go to the complete list of the best ones from digital stores:

1. Babycenter: App to find out the baby’s gender

Currently, this app is used by thousands of pregnant women to monitor the progress of their pregnancy from the beginning, to fetal development and other important information. To use it and find out the baby’s gender is very simple, just fill in some information that the application will request and that’s it. In a few moments you will have the result.

2. BabyPredictor: Baby Generator

Firstly, we can say that this app is amazing, with over 1 million downloads. Its function is basically to scan the parents’ faces and analyze the facial features to make a prediction about the future baby’s face.

As a result, the app will generate baby faces, and can predict and generate many faces of the child, with the same parents.

3. Pregnancy + App Week by Week

This is a comprehensive app, used by over 15 million parents, where you’ll be able to track your baby’s growth as the weeks go by and know your baby’s gender.

You’ll have access to thousands of medically accurate articles to help you prepare for parenthood, as well as plenty of guidance at every stage of your journey, from conception to the first years of your child’s life.

4. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

If you want to know what your future baby will look like and can’t stand the anxiety anymore, this app is for you. Currently, more than 10 million people have already managed to do this.

Also, it is worth noting that the app uses a range of the latest technologies, including developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Now you will be able to see the options for your future children in anticipation.

5. BabyGenerator Guess baby face

This app is quite interesting if you want an app to find out the baby’s gender. It uses recent Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze facial features and make a prediction about the face of your future baby.

Nature is very diverse, even siblings have different faces. Finally, it is worth pointing out that this application does not use any genetic analysis techniques.


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