Learn how Popcorn Time works – Install on Android TV


Popcorn Time is a free alternative to premium content streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go.

The app uses sequential downloads to stream videos listed by many different torrent sites. The interface works similarly to Netflix.


Learn how Popcorn Time works - Install on Android TV
Learn how Popcorn Time works – Install on Android TV (Image: Internet)

If you want to install Popcorn Time on your Android TV, please note that the original Android app does not need to be installed. A modified Android TV fork is now available and looks great on any Android TV device. The app is still in beta and some features may not work properly.

What do you need to know to install Popcorn on Android?

In order to be able to install the Popcorn Time APK, we first need to make some adjustments. Make sure you complete the following steps before installing the real APK, otherwise the whole process will fail.

Let’s start by allowing your Android TV to accept app installs from outside the Google Play Store. How to view: On Android TV, open Settings. Once in the settings, scroll down to Personal and go to Security and Restrictions (Security on some devices). Note: The exact location of the unknown source may vary by device. Activate unknown sources.

Install Sideload Launcher

Before installing the Popcorn app, we will need a dedicated launcher capable of running the app.

The tip here is to install Sideload, compatible with Android TV, which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

How to install Popcorn Time on Android TV

Follow the steps below to install Popcorn Time app on Android TV:

  • Download the appropriate version of Popcorn Time based on your Android version and architecture type;
  • After downloading the APK, upload it to your Google Drive account. You can also use Dropbox if it’s more convenient;
  • Open ES File Explorer on your Android TV. Open the Actions menu and go to Network > Cloud.
  • Tap New located in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select the cloud service you previously used to upload the APK. You will be prompted to enter the email and password associated with that cloud account.
  • After logging into your cloud account, all the contents of your cloud storage will be displayed in ES File Explorer.
  • Tap the Popcorn Time and Install app.
  • After installation is complete, use Sideload Launcher to open Popcorn Time on your Android TV.

Therefore, if you are interested in having this application to watch TV or other streaming channels directly from your cell phone, follow the procedures above.

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Remembering that because it is an app that needs others to work, really analyze the need to have Popcorn on your Android TV.


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