Cleaning Housekeeping jobs available in South Africa – Salaries and Apply Online


Working as Cleaning Housekeeping is one of the roles that generates the most vacancies in the country, where several companies offer work in South Africa.

Within this employment opportunity, the hired person can work on different fronts, working directly at home with cleaning the environment, organization or other functions according to which he was hired.


Cleaning Housekeeping jobs available in South Africa - Salaries and Apply Online
Cleaning Housekeeping jobs available in South Africa – Salaries and Apply Online (Image: Internet)

Types of Cleaning Housekeeping

Among the Cleaning Housekeeping work, there are some areas that the person can be hired, such as:

Housekeeper: is responsible for everything that involves cleaning and organizing the house;

Nanny: is responsible for the care of the children and, depending on the agreement, the cleaning and organization of the child (clothes, toys and room);

Elderly caregiver: responsible for the health and well-being of the elderly and can also take care of their belongings;

Housekeepers and butlers: they are responsible for supervising and managing the other employees of the house, such as the nanny and housekeeper, for example;

What are the duties of a maid?

Each employee takes care of specific tasks, and this distinction is even more important when the employer has more than one housekeeper. Be a nanny, caregiver for the elderly or the maid itself.

With this in mind, it is worth knowing which tasks will be carried out weekly, fortnightly and monthly, since it is not necessary for all activities to be done every day. Now, check out the general list of maid duties:

  • Sweep and mop the house;
  • Clean carpets and floor cloth;
  • Wash the dishes and clean the kitchen belongings;
  • Cook and prepare meals;
  • Remove dust and dirt from furniture and surfaces in the house;
  • Clean/wash the bathrooms;
  • Organize the scattered objects and messes of the closets;
  • Wash and iron clothes;
  • Take out the trash;
  • Between others.

Cleaning Housekeeping Salaries and Benefits

Well, the salaries and benefits offered to those who are hired as Cleaning Housekeeping will depend on what role this person will perform in the house.

Therefore, always when applying for a vacancy in this area, check all the necessary requirements, salary and benefits offered by the hiring person.

Registration for Cleaning Housekeeping

And where to apply for Cleaning Housekeeping in South Africa? Well, the country has a range of websites, agencies and recruiters that offer this type of job vacancy, always looking for qualified professionals to meet the needs of the market.

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So, if you are interested in working in this area, do a search on open opportunities, always remembering to choose the one that offers the best benefits and salaries.


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