Learn how to watch live TV for free just using your cell phone with internet access


It’s getting easier and easier to legally watch free online TV on your phone or PC. There are several websites and services that offer TV shows, soap operas, football games, movies and series for you to watch, either completely free or with a guaranteed trial period on your credit card.

These platforms run on a computer or on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Here are 5 ways to legally watch Internet TV.


Learn how to watch live TV for free just using your cell phone with internet access
Learn how to watch live TV for free just using your cell phone with internet access (Image: Internet)


The main Brazilian TV stations distribute free sports, entertainment and news content on YouTube. In general, just search for your favorite show and choose the official channel option, which has a seal next to the name.

There’s also YouTube Premium, a paid model of the platform that’s free for three months. At this point, the service’s own productions can be watched Netflix-style.


A variety of TV content is also available for free on Facebook. For example, Interative Sport often broadcasts international football matches on social media. In general, just follow the channel and wait for the launch of the game scheduled to be played online.

To search for content, go to the “Watch” tab and filter by live video.

Streaming platforms

Almost all movie, series and sports streaming services offer free trial periods. This is the case with Netflix, HBO Go and Dazn, which offer 30 days free, or Amazon Prime Video, which allows you to browse the catalog for 7 days before any payment is made.

In addition to foreign series, national team game broadcasts and music festivals, Globoplay also offers a large number of miniseries, soap operas and national variety programs. You can also explore the entire library for a week without paying.

Digital TV on mobile

A mobile phone with digital TV is another way to watch your favorite open TV shows on the go. However, access is not via the internet, but by capturing radio signals emitted by the station’s antenna and recognized by the receiver installed on the device.

Smartphones with the 1-second standard can stream in lower quality, while Full-sec compatible devices display in full HD resolution, as long as the TV channel provides content in that format.

Cable TV login

The main cable channels in Brazil already offer an online model for viewing anytime and anywhere. They are used to accept logins from TV service providers to allow access in a browser or mobile app.

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For example, this applies to Premiere Play, Telecine Play and other Globosat channels, whether through the app itself or Globosat Play. This means that if you subscribe to a TV package that includes these channels, they will be available on the internet for free, just access the channel’s website or download the app and enter your login and password.


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