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While it means the term is “home office”, this type of work is not limited to that. Professionals who work in this work system can choose a location other than the office.

In this case, it is likely that the interior worker took his laptop and smartphone to a place where Internet access was allowed to fulfill his mission. These locations can be homes, cafes, hotels, airports, parks, or coworking spaces.


Work from Home - Check available job vacancies
Work from Home – Check available job vacancies (Image: Internet)

How does a home office work?

If you want to work from home, be prepared to look for some characteristics that may vary from company to company:

  • 100% Remote: No need to visit headquarters or corporate offices, even occasionally.
  • Hybrid Home Office: Companies that offer remote and/or in-office options.

Among the advantages, we highlight:

  • Savings: you save on transport and food.
  • Autonomy: you manage your schedules, in case you don’t need to attend a customer.
  • Freedom: you work as you want as long as you deliver the results.
  • Proximity: In addition to money, you save time you would spend commuting to the office.

What do you need to be a home office?

To become a home office professional, you must first have a mutual agreement with your employer. Many companies are adapting to working from home due to social distancing.

You’ll also need a computer or laptop, a good internet connection, and of course the necessary access and permissions for the software and tools you use in the office. But how to succeed in this field? We separate 5 important days:

  1. Invest in the right environment

Find a room in your home that suits your event. Think about ergonomics and furniture placement, and also invest in a comfortable chair that will prevent you from developing posture and health problems.

  1. Have a stable internet connection

The web is the engine that drives many careers today. In fact, this was one of the factors that allowed the proliferation of the Home Office. So, have a very fast and stable internet plan.

  1. Plan the day’s tasks

Your workday from home can be very productive and rewarding if you carefully plan your daily work tasks. Start simple, list the most important tasks and work on the least important ones. List mandatory commitments that need to be done that day and include space for minor things, including unforeseen events.

  1. Create a schedule and stay organized

Make a schedule and keep your files and papers clean and tidy. This also applies to the Home Office. The organization of work schedules, breaks and between documents and spreadsheets can avoid problems and improve your performance.

  1. Take regular breaks

As with any other outreach activity, it is always recommended to take regular breaks during assignments. Ideally, take a 5-15 minute break for every 1 or 2 hours you put in.

Where to find Home Office jobs

To access Home Office vacancies, our tip is Job Street, a site that brings together several opportunities for those looking to work in this type of service. To learn more, visit


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