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Are you looking for a credit card that offers all the benefits a special customer is looking for? Our tip for today is African Bank Credit Card, a card created to provide convenience and flexibility during purchases.

More and more people are putting money aside as a form of payment, adding credit card as the first form of payment. With the advancement of online purchases, this type of service has become essential, and has been increasingly evolving when it comes to the advantages that the card offers.


Credit Card African Bank
How To Apply African Bank Credit Card (Image: Internet)

This is the case with African Bank Credit, which was developed in accordance with Shari’ah and is approved by Shari’ah’s Supervisory Board.

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African Bank Credit Benefits

When choosing a credit card, it is good to keep an eye on what benefits are offered. And African Bank Credit has several, such as:

  • No annual fee, which favors its use both in online purchases and in physical stores;
  • 30% less fees than traditional credit cards;
  • All collection fees applied to African Bank Credit Card are aimed at less fortunate members of the society;
  • Flexibility to pay only 10% of your monthly Card statement;
  • 5 additional free cards for other family members with splitting the limit;
  • Access to luxury travel, where it is accepted in over 700 airport lounges in 400 cities around the world;
  • Security while shopping. In this case, the Credit Card African Bank customer who has lost, stolen or damaged goods can receive a refund of the amount within 45 days.
  • All cards are EMV compatible and support Chip & PIN transactions for secure in-person purchases;

How to apply for African Bank Credit Card

Interested in this credit card and want to know how to apply for African Bank Credit? Well, it’s pretty easy and it can be done in a couple of ways:

– Online, through the bank’s website

The first way to apply for an Credit Card African Bank is through the African Bank Credit Card | Gold Credit Card Application Online. Just fill in the form with the requested information and wait for approval. Remembering that an analysis of the customer profile is carried out to find out if he fits this type of credit card.

– Call center

Another way to apply for an African Bank Credit Card is through the call center at +254 711075000.

– At one of the African Bank branches

The other way to access this card is by visiting one of the nearest African Bank units with personal documents. There will also be a credit analysis and if you are already a client of the institution, approval is faster.

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– By email or SMS

The last way to get an African Bank Credit Card is by SMS ‘AWWAL’ to 21981 free of charge or email to [email protected], where one of the consultants will contact you with any queries.

So, did you like this credit card? Don’t forget to always look for the one that offers the best rate and benefits for everyday shopping.


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