Banc of California Platinum MasterCard: interest rate of 0% for 15 months


When it comes to better interest rates, small and medium-sized banks are more interesting than credit card companies. New customers of the Banc of California Platinum MasterCard card have an initial fee of 0% during the period of 15 months. Besides, they give their clients the benefit of a 0% rate on their acquisitions for a year and two months.

After the first 15 months, your interest charge varies between 11.99% to 20.99%. Thus, this percentage can be considered adequate considering the rates of a credit card. What most companies offer is a rate from the 2000s. Therefore, small and medium-sized banks are more advantageous, as they offer more attractive rates.


Banc of California Platinum MasterCard
Discover how to become one of the Banc of California cardholders! (Source: Fool UK)

Fees charged by this card company

  • Balance Transfers – The company withdraws $ 5/3% from the transferred amount. The highest value will be chosen.
  • Late Fees – Unlike cards that do not charge their customers for late payment, here you pay up to $ 39 for late fees. Search the Citi Simplicity Balance Transfer MasterCard.
  • No Penalties
  • There is no Annual Fee
  • Cash Advances – The cash advance rate is 23.99% APR interest charge. Besides, it can be $ 5 – $ 20, but it also varies from 3% to 4%. The company will choose the option with the highest value. To learn about this subject, check the information provided by the own company.
  • Foreign Transaction – In the case of a foreign transaction, the rate is 2%, if in American currency, and 3% for other foreign currencies.

Westpac Low Fee Credit Card

Although the card does not have a rewards program, it has standardized features of this flag.

General benefits

  • In the event of a collision or even theft, it is covered by the holder 24 hours a day. This is when the rental company refuses the collision damage exemption and the rent is paid with your Mastercard.
  • Assistance for traveling, such as medical or even legal references.
  • In case of loss or theft of the card, the cardholder is not responsible if there is a record of purchases.
  • Free additional card. The benefits of the card can be shared with your family members.

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Thus, we showed that Banc of California Platinum MasterCard has one of the lowest interest rates. Also, it does not require a high credit score to apply for your card.


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