Surge Mastercard: A card designed to help people with bad credit


The Surge Mastercard, a product of Continental Finance and created by Celtic Bank, exists to assist people with low credit or even no actual credit to develop a stronger economical reputation. 

An unsecured beginner card


Celtic Bank thinks about people with far-from-great credit. Besides, it keeps contact with the major credit bureaus for consumers and reports the history of payment to them. However, the part of Surge Mastercard that truly makes a difference is when it offers you a manner to get and use a credit card that is unsecured and has a $500 credit limit.

Surge Mastercard
The Surge Mastercard, issued by Celtic Bank and serviced by Continental Finance, is designed to help people with bad credit or no credit at all. (Picture: Serasa)

However, keep in mind that the bank’s approval of you in the Surge Mastercard unsecured form is not guaranteed. It all depends on your trustworthiness instead, they may offer you a secured option. The thing is: without the promise of the unsecured program, this card doesn’t have its charm anymore.

High fees

Accepting people with bad credit makes the card more expensive. The Surge Mastercard imposes an eye-popping $125 annual fee your first year (after that the annual fee is $96). Thinking about the numbers, $125 is one-quarter of the card’s $500 credit limit. This is a considerable part of the credit limit you have. And it doesn’t get better. When cardholders start their 2nd year, the used of Surge Mastercard has a maintenance fee of $10/month.

The Surge Mastercard does reduce its annual fee to $96 in the second year. However, you’ll still pay $91 more in the combined annual fee and monthly maintenance fees in your second year than in your first year with the card. If you want to put an authorized person to the account, a unique fee exists for that as well. It will cost you $30 per additional user.

Interest rates that are sky-high

The card charges a wavering 29.90% annual percentage rate on purchases. And if you want to ask for it and get accepted, we advise you to not carry a balance. 

Upgrade path: Unclear

The credit card in question offers no guidance for when or how it will upgrade the secured users to the unsecured mode. Continental Finances states, in the agreement terms of the card, that the accounts will go under revision for a boost in credit limit after at least 6 months of its opening.

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After you have analysed different alternatives on the market, then the Surge Mastercard could become an option. Start by comparing the proposals of other cards for bad credit or cards that are secured. If you are not convinced after your research on different options, then this card could be a possibility for you and it could be of assistance for the development of credit for the near future.


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