U.S policymakers: the economy of US is likely to weaken before a turnaround begins


Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, and Jerome H. Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, presented a blunt judgment to the Senate Banking Committee. The discussion among them involved the economic blow that the coronavirus pandemic is causing to the US. The hearing happened on video meeting and came on a crucial occasion. The White House and Congress are starting to discuss the framework of another substantial financial relief bill. The measure would possibly insert trillions of extra dollars from taxpayers into the economy of US.

All of this discussion comes at a moment when some parts of the economical sector are not working since mid-March. This switch of the economic scene led to a degree of hardship that is difficult to put into words. American people are tangled in great insecurity about future times. This is why it is so critical to begin leading people back to work-life in a secure manner.


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U.S policymakers: the economy of US is likely to weaken before a turnaround begins (Image: Internet)

On Tuesday, the U.S major economical policymakers cautioned lawmakers. This happened while the White House and Congress are coping with how to start commercial activities again and how much extra government assistance is needed. Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Powell gave a stark evaluation of the delicate moment for the US economy, warning that the next months may bring a serious increase in unemployment. All due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What to expect of the economy of the US

They also gave different perspectives on how to support the economy in the best way possible. According to Mr. Powell, it is necessary to check the sate support and discover what are the businesses that may be required to prevent lasting economic consequences. On the other hand, Mr. Mnuchin proposed that, without a rapid restarting, the American economy might never be fully saved.

Mr. Mnuchin’s remarks show the shift in attitude amid official of the administration, who are attempting now to change the economic talks away from additional financial assistance to the permission of reopening in states. His opening statement says that leading Americans to work once again in a secure manner is very important.

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Mr. Powell has a more careful tone, arguing that a complete restoration won’t happen until the healthcare emergency is solved. He said that the important thing is assuring people believe that it is not dangerous to go out and work, and that requires a thoughtful and sensible reopening – something all of us want and that it is in its early steps now.

To conclude, Mr. Powell alerted that the American economy could see lasting harm if the policy return wasn’t truly effective. Besides, he remembered that the economic scenario may need more assistance to survive the Covid period without permanent scars. At last, Mr. Mnuchin warned that the economy of the US might never recover completely if states continue their closure for weeks without “permanent damage”.


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