Small-business owners: put your own finances first


Sometimes small-business owners decide to invest all of their resources in the company. But then they neglect their personal finances planning. This is a very bad idea. COVID-19 came as a surprise to everyone and profoundly impacted the world economy. In a situation of so many changes and unpredictability, small companies are the ones that suffer most from the consequences of the economic crisis.

People who own small companies often work with a lot of focus and dedication. And the truth is, they have no other option. Otherwise, the company is at high risk of going bankrupt, which happened to 91 out of every 100 small companies over ten years. To avoid bankruptcy and be among the minority that achieves success, it is necessary to give value to both the company and personal finances.


Small-business owners
Some small-business owners put everything they have into their companies, and in doing so forget to make a plan for their own personal finances. Do not be one of them! (Source: Entrepreneur)

This is because the risks and problems that can arise in the company are many. The company might be doing good so far, but many hidden risks can emerge and impact its success. For example, when the entrepreneur takes many distributions from the company and spends on his personal life, the business will be compromised, without the necessary capital to develop the company.

Financial tips for small-business owners

The essential information here is to always save money outside your company account. Personal financial investments in your name, not the company’s, can save you and allow your business to survive. Even in unexpected and unlikely events like a pandemic, for example.

Small-business owners sometimes tend to view their companies as if it were a part of their lives. This may seem noble, but it is not beneficial. Putting the business on the same level as your personal life puts your assets at risk. The ideal is to distribute your resources in a balanced way, have an emergency reserve and think about your retirement.

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This does not mean that the entrepreneur can spend at will in his personal life. It is recommended to reevaluate your expenses with attention and detail. Write down on paper everything important to you and your family. Then select the ten most important items, and then the five most important items. Now, compare with your financial resources and planning and get ready to cut what doesn’t fit.

Perhaps a financial advisor can help you at this point. Thus, you save time and have a professional service. No matter how, all small-business owners need to structure personal financial planning.


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