Are journalists sensationalizing the coronavirus pandemic?


People tend to recognize that COVID-19 is a serious threat. But many think that journalists have overstated the description of the pandemic. This is because professionals in the media disagree about the severity of the disease and the way it is being taken to the public.

The truth is that people are looking for content about the pandemic. With high demand, it is easier to experience sensationalization on the part of those who receive the information. This is very different from false information.


Understand why journalists must be protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: Committee to Protect Journalists)

Measures to protect journalists covering the COVID-19 news

Some governments end up contributing to this exaggerated view of journalists in the information about the virus. President Trump, for example, has accused the media several times over the years of willful dishonesty. According to him, the press did that to disrupt the United States. Many in his political party supported his statements.

Trump’s recommendations had nothing to do with media information. On the contrary, the president has already expressed his view that journalists are terrible influences on the people.

Press as a business

The press also ends up being a business that needs to profit. Therefore, they try to generate content that will have an audience. When information has an appeal for sale, it is very likely that it will be published. Sensationalism is caused by the public’s own will.

Despite everything, we live in a pandemic that does not benefit the press. Journalists do not think that creating exaggerated information and encouraging the country to close economy is a good thing. All parties are eager for news about the recovery from the crisis.

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Even with high traffic on news sites, it does not help when there is no advertising from companies. And companies are cutting advertising spending due to the crisis. Consumers cut newspapers and magazines from their budgets. All of this shows that the pandemic is of no benefit to journalists.

Journalists are normal people, with family members, children, debts, and lives affected by the pandemic. We all want information in this crisis, and that is why they need to keep working.


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