14 Apr 2020

Tips for your marriage to survive despite the coronavirus pandemic


Even for those of us with the happiest and most stable marriage, social distancing to combat the spread of COVID-19 provides some serious challenges. We’re confined to small spaces with our spouses, with little to no reprieve. In this article, we gathered some advice that can help your marriage to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

One secret to any healthy relationship is communication. It’s true under normal circumstances and during this season of fighting coronavirus. For some, this might mean periodic huddles to deliver updates on what’s coming next. For others, it could be a daily check-in of how each partner feels physically and internally. When people have different perspectives, they have different ideas of what the other person should do. Thus, the only way to work around that is to communicate.

Tips to keep your marriage healthy during these difficult times. (Source: CNN)

Tips to taking care of your marriage while in quarantine

Now, due to companies ordering employees to work from home and government-mandated lockdowns, both partners have to spend almost all their time under the same roof. Particularly for couples who live in smaller homes, this scenario can make it feel like neither partner has much (or any) personal space. 

Alone time

Staying alone is important to help your marriage to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Sometimes, the best way to get through a tense situation with your partner during the next few weeks is to put on your headphones and meditate. You can also sit quietly in a corner for a few minutes.

Create new routines

Nobody is quite familiar with the “new normal” of social distancing yet. Besides, with news about the pandemic changing rapidly, every day brings with it a new reality. Thus, it’s wise to create new routines to give life meaning and purpose. It’s important to assign roles for each day. Decide together who cooks, who cleans, who answers the phone, and so on.

Don’t push for sex


No, having sex with your partner isn’t going to increase your odds of getting coronavirus. You may find that sexual desire in the time of coronavirus falls short of what it usually is since stress hampers libido for about 85 percent of us. It’s normal to be less interested in sex during times of crisis. If you’re one of the 15 percent of people who aren’t affected by stress, understand that your partner might be on the other side. Play it the wrong way and the partner with more desire ends up feeling rejected while the partner with less desire feels blamed.

Final notes on marriage in times of COVID-19

Even couples who were perfectly fine before the coronavirus and might be perfectly fine after it could probably need some help over the next few months. Try to put these pieces of advice into practice for your marriage to survive coronavirus pandemic!