Coronavirus: economic meltdown brings political pain to Trump


Trump has had few good times. This because of the economic meltdown that the measures to restrict Covid-19 have caused in the country. The total of 3.3 million that was reached was not expected. This number is a record that corresponds to the abrupt freeze of the American economy. The economic situation of many Americans became very complicated after the government promoted the shutdown. The businesses had to close their doors and many people lost their jobs. Thus, hourly service workers ended up in a very complicated situation.

Trump’s presidency could be greatly affected if there is no restriction on the death toll in the country. In addition, it will also suffer if the United States experiences a major recession. The coronavirus also brought political pain. It is not at all positive for a president who wants to be re-elected if there is an economic crisis at the beginning of an election year. After all, the state of the economy is the best indicator of a government’s success or failure. Financial difficulties in times of crisis end up speaking louder than other problems of other orders.


economic meltdown
Understand the economic meltdown behind Trump’s administration. (Source: O Globo)

Donald Trump, an economic meltdown, and the efforts to contain COVID-19

The crises the United States has gone through (such as the 1990 Gulf War or the 9/11 attacks) are no match for the pandemic in magnitude. Still, they provided a progressive increase in support for the president. No matter in which case, the numbers dropped for some reason. This is because the period of difficulty was too great or because the economy went through a recession.

Trump and other conservatives prefer not to repeat this scenario when they argue that certain measures of restriction in times of pandemic can be too expensive in relation to the time of crisis that they can cause. Even if they preserve lives. Trump’s discourse is a factor of tension between the president and state governors. Because of their autonomy, they will refuse to alleviate the measures they have taken to contain the pandemic.

Trump has also lashed out at a well-known foe: the US press. It seems that the president has been thinking a lot in his campaign for the elections. However, it was clear that Trump underestimated the effects of the virus in the first moments. Many politicians are using this pandemic moment to strengthen their opposition to the president.

One way to do this is to resort to the argument that three million citizens are unemployed. In case these numbers are just the first stage of a crisis in the economy, however, it may not nearly be enough. As we showed, the economic meltdown resulting from measures to contain the coronavirus began to bring political pain to Trump. And as it seems, he is aware of it.


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