Domestic violence increased during the coronavirus pandemic


In times of a pandemic, it seems that there is no better place to be than at home. But this is not true for everyone. For many people, being at home means being subject to violence and abuse. This is the case for victims of domestic violence such as women and children, who suffer more from social isolation.

They have to be shut inside a small place with their abusers. Because of the government’s new measures, everyone has been told to stay at home. Unfortunately, the unprecedented measures can lead to more people finding themselves being victims of domestic abuse.


domestic violence
Women may are in danger of suffering domestic violence while in quarantine. (Source: CNN)

Because of the pandemic, it has become much more complicated for victims to find ways to be saved. Even the channels of help for the victims of the most difficult access are facing difficulties to assist them from a distance. Although these people already live in social isolation, they now have to face a more complicated situation. This is because the aggressor has better conditions to maintain his behavior in this pandemic.

Know more about the rates of domestic violence in quarantine

It is common for the numbers of domestic violence to increase considerably in times of difficulty. This is clearly seen during the quarantine since communities that are undergoing quarantine periods are already seeing an increase in reports of domestic violence.

Right activists in China say that instances of domestic violence there are increasing. Support services in Australia reported an increase in coronavirus-related family abuse because of the pandemic as well.

Issues to consider

A rape victim may be embarrassed to go to the hospital to get an appropriate kit for the case. Now with hospitals operating at their limit, the situation has become even more frightening. Since doctors are asking people not to overload the health care system, for many people, going to a hospital because of abuse is not worth it.

The issue with children of abuse victims is that they have to stay incarcerated as well. Usually, they have a sense of what they need to do to escape their attacker. Thus, they take refuge in the classroom, at a friend’s house, or somewhere they go after school.

But the children found themselves in a setting that is no longer close to the people who could give them relief. After all, figures like your teachers, friends, and coaches are no longer present in your daily life. But now they are not with the child every day.

Besides, know that it is not because a child has a family with a history free from violence that they are not vulnerable now. That’s because they end up being more susceptible in times of stress.

What to do

In the case of victims who do not have their own phones, or have access to the internet, people around them must talk to them and show that they want to help. It is possible to use the excuse of having to talk about work, for example. Seek expert help if you realize that the person is at risk.

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No one approach works for all people who suffer from violence. Even so, their profile doesn’t matter much: gender, age, physical condition, or nationality. What really needs to be taken into account is that this person needs help. Thus, despite the challenge, this is an excellent opportunity to practice solidarity and help victims of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic


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