What health care workers say about the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic


Across the world, health care workers mobilize to caring for people who were infected by the new coronavirus. However, many of them end up having to carry out their service without having the appropriate equipment. See what their opinion is about the extremely heartbreaking situation. To avoid reprisal, we will not tell their names. 

According to a nurse, the amount of infected by the new coronavirus that is arriving in hospitals increases with speed every day. For this reason, she says that her team fears where the situation will come once that is just the beginning. She also stated that there are health professionals who are fasting food and liquid for 12 hours so they do not have to take and put the same PPE (personal protective equipment). As we were saying, the situation is severe. Continue to read what more professionals have to say!


Health care workers
Medical workers in protective suits move a patient to an isolated ward of a hospital in Wuhan. (Source: CNN)

Reports of health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

It is not easy to see how coronavirus has made families suffer because they can not be near the people they love in the hospital. The nurse interviewed commented on this question stating that it is to cut the heart to see these people having to stay at home and leave in the hospital their loved ones fighting for their lives.

Availability of portable oxygen tanks

A physician also said the availability of portable oxygen tanks is a concern. A nurse said that doctors and nurses, in general, are constantly in a state of paranoia. The professional reported that they do not know if they have the virus. Thus, they are super scared to transmit it to someone else.

Another nurse stated that she cries for her co-workers since she knows that the situation will get worse even though they are already at its limit. She continued saying that she also cries for people who are forbidden to be close to his relatives who can die at any time.

The danger of the intubation procedure

A doctor said intubation is a high-risk procedure. After all the professionals who realize they need to be very close to the patient’s mouth. As a result, they may end up breathing air contaminated by the virus if the patient cough. If they are sick, they might get sick and infect more healthy people.

He said that what is most devastating is that he knows that some contaminated by coronavirus will not survive. So it may be the last person that these patients can see in life. This is because your relatives and friends are not allowed to be close to them.

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A doctor reported that he does not have the necessary support to take care of the contaminated by the new coronavirus. He doesn’t even have the material he needs to perform the procedures. For him, this should not be a reality in America, since it was a first-world country.

Health care workers who fight against the coronavirus do not want to cause panic. However, these testimonies make us even more aware of our duty to adopt protective actions and social isolation.


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