unexpected benefits of COVID-19

23 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: What are the unexpected benefits of COVID-19?


The coronavirus continues to spread with a large number of infections and fatalities worldwide. Several countries are into lockdown and people are being forced into isolation. However, amid all the worrying news about the coronavirus, there are also reasons to find hope. Let´s see some unexpected benefits of COVID-19 across this crisis. For instance, residents of Venice noticed an improvement in the water quality of the famous canals running through the city. This happened as the streets of the popular tourist destination in Italy became empty amid the outbreak. The usually murky water is so clear that we can even see some fishes!

In Italy, where a countrywide lockdown is in place, people are getting together on their balconies for singing morale-boosting songs. A fitness instructor in southern Spain even led an exercise class from a low roof in the middle of an apartment complex. The residents in isolation joined him from their balconies to do some exercises. Thousands of Europeans went to their balconies and windows to applaud the doctors and nurses fighting the virus. 

unexpected benefits of COVID-19
Is it possible to talk about the unexpected benefits of COVID-19? (Source: The Guardian)

More on the unexpected benefits of COVID-19

Social media users are sharing details of their new hobbies. They include:

  • reading,
  • baking,
  • knitting,
  • painting,
  • and teaching cooking recipes to those who are stuck at home.

Besides, while many public spaces are not functioning, art fans are making the most of virtual tours. They are being offered by the world’s biggest galleries across Europe.

As countries go into lockdown, official organizations observed significant drops in pollution levels. Researchers also stated that early results show a reduction in carbon monoxide by nearly 50% compared with last year. The most impressive results are mainly from cars. With airlines canceling flights en masse and millions working from home, it is hard to think of other unexpected benefits of COVID-19. However, we have more good news for you!


China celebrated that instead of the thick smog that normally blankets the city, people can take a good look at a blue, beautiful sky. It was NASA satellite imagery that confirmed the improvement. Across the entire country, it is possible to see a reduction of nitrogen dioxide – a toxic chemical that reduces immunity – to below normal levels.

While coronavirus has tragically claimed thousands of lives worldwide, there are some pieces of evidence that thousands of lives will be saved by the improved air quality. It would be irresponsible to declare the pandemic as a positive event, of course. However, the shreds of evidence of unexpected benefits of COVID-19 may be a good opportunity to learn something about this crisis.