Advices for staying sane during COVID-19 quarantine


Even if you’re doing everything right, like washing your hands and practicing social distancing, you may still find yourself in a situation where you’re concerned about being exposed to coronavirus. As more people face the prospects of several weeks of quarantine or social distancing due to COVID-19, individuals will also have to establish their own ways of preserving their mental health at home. With many individuals now self-quarantined indoors and most social activities discontinued, most people are waiting until the worst of the COVID-19 has passed.

However, mental health concerns could be inflamed by stressors associated with isolation. We are talking about issues as fears, boredom, poor supplies, lack of social interaction and financial loss. The psychological impact of quarantine due to COVID-19 can be great, resulting in a range of mental health problems. However, there are some tips people can work into their quarantine routines.  They can help you to combat bad emotions and anxieties. Besides, they can also help you to keep relatively sane during this coronavirus pandemic time.


Read about what you should be doing to stay sane during a quarantine period! (Source: OCOP Express)

6 tips to practice during a quarantine

Exercise daily – One of the best ways to keep spirits up is to work out. Doing some yoga, pumping iron or keeping up the leg day routine can help to get those endorphins flowing. There are also plenty of YouTube workout videos that offer workout routines to fit your needs.

Meditate – One activity you might consider during your days at home is mediation. Sitting down for a few minutes and doing some deep breathing, mind-clearing, and introspective thinking can help decrease stress levels.

Stay connected – To practice self-quarantine doesn’t mean one has to be lonely. Use technology to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family via phone calls and social media. 

Play a board game – Playing some good old-fashioned board games can give you a chance to engage in some healthy competition with your family. These games can be a great way to bring a family together to continue making fun memories.

Organize and clean – Cleaning can be therapeutic. Make a to-do list of all the things you want to organize and clean each day to create a sense of normality. It can help you feel productive and to stay thankful for all the things you have done.

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Store food- Try to have a two-week supply of non-perishable food items in the pantry. Stock long-life alternatives to perishable food items, such as powdered milk, tinned fruit, and frozen vegetables.

Quarantine and social distancing have now become commonplace globally due to efforts to fight the spiraling COVID-19 outbreak. But, the implications for people’s mental health cannot be overlooked. Practice the advice and adopt a positive attitude ins this fight against coronavirus.


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