6 cheap items to acquire in order to work from home


Today, it is common sense to work from home in order to help flatten the curve of Coronavirus. However, not everyone has everything a perfect home-office must-have. Having this in mind, we wrote this article to help you to get the best essentials for your house. They are cheap depending on the store you usually buy your stuff. If you do not have the money to buy new items, something you can do is find a way to acquire second-hand products. There are websites you can use and you can always check with your friends and family if they have something for you.

Before we present the items, we think that is important to tell you some things. Firstly, you have to be aware that you will be working from home for a while. This is different from going to a co-work space, where you can do your stuff without being interrupted by your kids or your pet. Thus, it is important to create a good workspace in a place where this could not be done originally. Secondly, not everyone has the privilege to have an office, but you have to be able to make one that will work.


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Please, acquire these 6 essentials to work from home! (Source: The Verge)

6 essentials to work from home

A good desk

If you need to work from home, it is essential to have a good desk. Sometimes, working from your kitchen counter won’t do. So, if you can, please buy a table for working in your bedroom or in your balcony, perhaps. Know that this table will set what will be your working space.

A nice chair

If you already have the table, do not forget to acquire a nice and cozy chair. Of course, it must help you to engage in what you are doing and not falling asleep. A good chair will help you with your posture as well!

Ideal lighting

Are you a night owl? No problem, as long as you have the ideal lighting. If you are going to work during the night, it is important to care for your eyes.

An effective coffee maker

It might be the case that you are a night owl. However, even if you are not, you will need an effective coffee maker to keep your productive scores strong. Be sure to pick one that will make you that perfect coffee that has the strength to keep going!

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A noise-canceling headphone

If you are working from a noisy house, it is of extreme importance to have a noise-canceling headphone. Sometimes the kids can get too loud. Something makes your dog bark like crazy. With a good headphone, you will not pay attention to any of that!

A good laptop table

Finally, in order to work from home, you need a good laptop table. Sometimes, you will be tired of being in your bedroom for so long. What about doing something simple while watching a movie with your kids? It is possible to do something with your husband in the deck, while you both sip a glass of wine. Although these are moments to be lived without work interruption, these are not regular times. Thus, it is okay to act differently.


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