Cases of Coronavirus in France close the Louvre Museum


As you probably know, Coronavirus is on the verge of becoming pandemic. It began in China and reached several countries in Asia. However, now it is in Europe and America as well. Countries such as Brazil, the United States of America and Italy are already worried about the number of suspicious cases.  Despite the global extension of the disease, we want to focus on Coronavirus in France. The country registered about 100 cases of sick citizens and is taking measures to contain COVID-19.

Taking into consideration that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, they have reasons to be concerned. The country receives about 89 million visitors every year. Of course, each tourist contributes to the French economy by buying stuff and visiting famous attractions such as the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Notice that Coronavirus causes several respiratory diseases that are transmitted between animals and people. Thus, having many people together in closed spaces like the Louvre is not a good idea.


Coronavirus in France
Understand some of the main measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in France. (Source: Boston Globe)

Coronavirus in France

Taking what we have said into consideration about Coronavirus in France, the Louvre Museum decided to close its doors. Besides, it is not clear when they will reopen and, of course, the decision leaves many tourists upset. However, we consider this measure to be correct. France confirmed 100 cases of people sick because of Coronavirus and two of them already died. In order to avoid new deaths, it is important to make people aware of how dangerous COVID-19 is.

The Louvre Museum is not the only organization thinking about controlling the spread of Coronavirus. Actually, the French government asked event organizers to cancel all public gatherings of more than 5,000 people within confined spaces. Because of that, the Paris Half Marathon on Sunday was canceled. It appears to be something bad for the athletes that have been preparing for so long. However, it is important to keep in mind the lives that could be infected.

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As we previously mentioned, it is not clear until when Coronavirus in France will affect the functioning of tourist destinations. We hope that the Coronavirus stops to make victims and that the nations unite in order to beat it. Until them, it is better for everyone to avoid crowds. If you already know how to prevent virus transmission, you will be able to enjoy many other attractions that France has to offer.


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