Tips for keeping your budget when grocery shopping with kids


Doing grocery shopping with kids at first does not seem to be an easy task. When you think about, it is hard to avoid that image of a toddler crying and throwing tantrums. In other words, it does not seem a good idea. Having this in mind, several parents decide not to take their kids with them while grocery shopping. However, today we would like you to think otherwise. How about using this fearful opportunity in order to teach your kids some lessons about personal finances?

We know it might seem kind of weird to teach economics to little kids. However, the sooner they learn the best they will apply your teachings in their lives. As an adult, of course you want to do your shopping in a state of peace of mind. But, remind that as a parent, you must care for your children’s experiences, influences, and lives. If you are not the one to set an example for them, someone will. In addition to that, it is important that you halve a healthy financial life. To do that, do not forget to keep up with our blog posts here in Finances Credit!


grocery shopping with kids
Acquire some insight into grocery shopping with kids! (Source: MommaBe)

Grocery shopping with kids: what to do?

Plan your meals

The tips for grocery shopping with kids basically involve the effort of teaching your kid how to shop. Thus, they must know why do we buy stuff. Besides, we must teach how much the things we need cost. In order to do that, plan simple meals with your kids. That regular meal that you are used to having every day or several times a week? That one is a great idea. Ask your children to list the ingredients and tell them if something is lacking.

Set the budget together

Once the list is complete, tell your kids how much you intend to spend that day. Show them the dollar bills and tell how much each ingredient is supposed to cost. Moreover, tell them that if something is more expensive than you thought, probably you will have to replace them with a cheaper item.

Pay with cash

Before getting to the market or the store, be sure of having money in cash. The concept of a credit card is way more complex than you need for the moment. First show kids the importance of money and just then try to explain the concept of abstract money.

Let your kid pay the cashier

Finally, when grocery shopping with kids, let them pay. This brings more value to the act of shopping and makes them more aware of the fact that things do not come for free. The process of talking with them and teaching them will make the experience valuable to them and to you. Of course, all the talking reduces the time for tantrums exponentially as well.

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