A Trump’s official says that Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs


Donald Trump’s official, Wilbur Ross, stated that Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs. This statement carries several aspects that American citizens have to analyze. Was the Secretary of Commerce saying that the disease was something good? How would Americans get jobs when people are getting sick? Does a disease have the effect of interfering in the economy of a whole country? You are going to find this out by reading our article. Besides, you will define a place to stand in the middle of the controversy.

Before getting into Wilbur Ross’ statement, let us introduce what is Coronavirus.  During the last weeks, Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, mostly in China. It is a respiratory virus that has a fast-moving infection and causes pneumonia-like symptoms. Recently, it has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization as well. Given the gravity of the situation, Ross’ statement caused controversial opinions.


Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs
Trump’s official Wilbur Ross stated that Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs. (Source: Exame)

Might Coronavirus help Americans to find jobs?

During a TV interview this week, Wilbur Ross said that he thinks that Coronavirus “will help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America”. Of course, critics of Trump’s administration received the statement with criticism. Later, a spokesperson from the US Commerce Department reinforced that it is “important to consider the ramifications of doing business with a country that has a long history of covering up real risks to its own people and the rest of the world”. Because of affirmations like this, racist comments towards Chinese people are popping on the internet.

As Democrat congressman Don Beyer wisely said, Wilbur’s statement stirs bad opinions. He noticed that Ross was searching “ways of making money off” the situation. Economically speaking, some economists stated that the disease will not interfere in serious and long-term investment decisions. It is important to notice that China is still a big market for the US. If the Chinese economy slows significantly, this means that the US can expect a blowback effect. Thus, saying that Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs is not accurate.

No one besides American republicans understood what Wilbur Ross was trying to say. However, many people understood that his statement was racist. Now that you understand the context behind the statement that Coronavirus may help Americans to find jobs, what do you think? Was Wilbur Ross being racist or thinking about how the US economy would benefit? Or both? In order to keep up with news about the Economy, continue to read our articles!

Source: BBC


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