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It is common for many people to aim to lead a healthier life, and recording training days plays a crucial role in this process.

Therefore, maintaining regular exercise is essential for those looking to lose weight and become physically fit. This is where apps come in to schedule training days, making organizing your exercise routine simpler.


Do you want to know how it works, what is the benefit of using an app to schedule training days and how it will improve your routine? Just continue reading below!

What is the best app to schedule training days

An app for scheduling training days is an application that aims to simplify the organization and monitoring of your physical activities. With it, you can plan your workouts, indicating which exercises to do each day, and also track your progress over time.

These apps usually offer features that make it easier to manage your exercise routine, allowing adjustments as needed. Some stand out by sending automatic reminders, ensuring you don’t forget to stick to your planned training sessions.

Practicality is the central point of these apps, providing a single place to store information about your physical activities, goals and training history. This way, it becomes easier to maintain consistency in your exercises and work towards your goals in an organized and effective way.

And do you want to find out which is the best app to schedule training days for your workout? Below we have separated the best apps for you to check out!

1- Exercises at home

Let’s open our list with Exercises at Home, the perfect app to track your daily workouts! With an impressive 4.9 rating on the App Store, it stands out as one of the best workout apps available.

The 4-week challenges provide an effective approach to enhancing any area of ​​your body, offering flexibility to adapt to your individual goals. Regardless of your age, Exercises at Home offers personalized plans, making it suitable for everyone.

The strong point of this app for scheduling training days are the videos with professional instructors. They ensure that you do the exercises correctly to achieve the best results. Plus, the daily fitness tracker tracks your progress daily.

But the advantages don’t stop there! If you are a fan of walking or running, Exercises at Home also monitors your activities, recording your walking and running routes. All of this, gathered in one place.

2- Tabata

Discover Tabata, an app for scheduling simple and functional training days for your boxing workouts. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers numerous options, allowing you to customize the timer according to your needs, including pauses and rounds.

Even though it’s simple, Tabata is efficient. It becomes a great ally for scheduling training days, providing flexibility for different types of exercises.

3- Adidas Running

Continuing on the list, we have Adidas Running. This app for scheduling training days isn’t just for scheduling your workouts, it also records your activities, analyzes the data and even adjusts your training plans according to your goals. So, very complete.

The cool thing about Adidas Running is that it’s not just functional, it’s actually practical. In addition to noting down your activities, it shows graphs and numbers so you can understand how you are doing. And if you want to share your workouts, it’s easy to do so with friends.

Another advantage is the connection. You can synchronize everything with your cell phone or smartwatch, so your data is always at hand. If you are looking for an application that not only records, but also helps you improve your training, Adidas Running is a good choice.

4- Workouts to lose weight

The Workouts to Lose Weight app to help you achieve concrete results on your fitness journey. It offers practical features that become essential in this process.

The workout day tracking app provides detailed workout and calorie counts, allowing you to keep a close eye on your progress. With personalized plans, you can adapt exercises according to your individual goals, making weight loss more efficient.

Furthermore, the app has a step counter, encouraging a more active lifestyle in your daily life. The combination of exercise and calorie monitoring makes it a cool tool for those looking to lose weight and build muscle in a balanced way.

5- Hevy

Let’s talk now about Hevy Treino da Academia Gym. This app is great for recording your workouts, gaining strength and staying motivated. It has a training planner that helps you organize your gym sessions, making everything easier.

Additionally, this app for tracking training days offers training analytics to understand how you’re doing. You can also plan your exercise routines according to your goals.

An interesting function is the possibility of adding body measurements, allowing you to track your progress in detail.

Another positive point is the library full of tutorial videos. They are helpful in ensuring you are performing the exercises correctly.

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