C24 Mastercard – How to Apply Online


The C24 Mastercard offers withdrawals and payments worldwide without bureaucracy or difficulties, providing an excellent experience for its customers.

It has push notifications for each withdrawal that always warns after each money withdrawal takes place, helping the customer to detect any misuse of their account.


Furthermore, C24 has several account options with different benefits ranging from free to premium, and each customer can choose the one that best fits their needs.

With each transaction, a refund is accumulated in the account in the form of points that can be exchanged for money or extra benefits.

How does the C24 Mastercard work?

Just like other credit cards, the C24 Mastercard offers a complete service with account and card to meet all of its customers’ needs.

With it, you can pay in stores around the world, whether physical or online, quickly and easily.

Furthermore, with each purchase on the card, 10% of the value returns in cashback to users and the account accumulates points that can be exchanged for various benefits, not to mention the various advantages and promotions that MasterCard cards can offer.

The best thing is that to start using it, you don’t have to wait for the card to arrive at home, just start using the online version which offers even more security.

Depending on the type of account, the customer can also count on 4 to 8 free withdrawals without having to pay any fees.

The security levels of the C24 Mastercard are impressive, you can customize it the way you prefer, setting limits and restricting personal functions, without having to leave your home just from the app.

In the App you can access all the features any day of the week and 24 hours a day, with just a few clicks you can download your invoice, evaluate your transaction history and much more.

To request, simply access the official website and follow the steps indicated, it is very simple and quick.

Main advantages of the C24 Mastercard

The card has several important benefits that can make your life easier. Find out more about them below:

1.Withdraw money outside Germany

Have you ever thought about using your card to withdraw money in other countries without bureaucracy, whether for emergencies or daily travel expenses.

As C24 Mastercard This happens, just go to the cashier that has the Mastercard symbol and use it in the usual way.

This is a great help when traveling, you don’t have to worry about the exchange rate, just enjoy and rest.

Furthermore, in Germany alone there are 54,000 cashiers to withdraw, which is a large number that will probably avoid long queues or cashiers without cash.

2.10% cashback

Another important advantage is the return in cashback with a much higher value than other cards, this is a great incentive for new customers.

For everyday purchases, receiving any amount just for using the card can bring additional relief to your bills at the end of the month.

The value can be exchanged for points or exclusive benefits on the C24 Mastercard and thus provide an improvement in financial health.

This model is increasingly used by banks to attract users with exclusive advantages for people to become customers.

3. Various ways of earning

The C24 Mastercard provides several ways to earn extra money, whether with cashback or points accumulated in the account that can be withdrawn or exchanged for premium benefits.

To access the card you need to open an account, from the first day of use it accumulates points that can be converted into miles or travel benefits.

The 10% discount on purchases is an opportunity to spend daily at a discount and thus save money at the end of the month.

With this diverse way of earning, it is even easier to consider purchasing the card to obtain all the benefits as a customer.

4.Personalized Security

Security is taken seriously by C24 Mastercard from withdrawal notifications, limitations on the use of location and time to customization according to the customer.

Every time you withdraw, you will receive a notification from the app on your smartphone, this allows you to be sure that no one has used your card.

In addition to having 3 levels of security that each user can choose through the mobile application without having to go to an agency and change whenever they feel necessary.

This makes a difference compared to your competitors: being able to choose what best fits your life and having other options whenever you need it is an attractive differentiator.

Main disadvantages of the C24 Mastercard

The C24 Mastercard has incredible advantages, but like every credit card it has disadvantages; Therefore, it is important to pay attention to them.

1.Extra charges and fees

Having extra fees is a real blow to your finances. Nobody wants to have to pay extra to get new features.

However, on some cards the institution chooses this option, such as the C24 Mastercard which has a free account, however with fewer features and withdrawal limits.

Extra charges can result in unforeseen financial expenses and make it difficult to effectively manage your budget.

Furthermore, it can contribute to excessive debt if the customer spends more than they really need, combined with these fees.

It is important to take this into consideration and assess whether it is worth taking the risk of having to pay extra charges and fees for you to obtain the ideal advantage.

2.Delay in card delivery

Another important disadvantage is that once approved, you have to wait up to 10 days to obtain the physical card.

While in other companies the time is shorter, in C24 Mastercard it takes more than 5 business days, although you can use the digital card within minutes of approval.

But this can lead to frustration and limitation of functionalities such as making purchases in physical stores or situations that require the use of a physical card.

This should be considered when choosing and evaluating whether this credit card makes sense for you.

How to apply for a C24 Mastercard?

To apply, you need to create an account, just access the website and click on the get Mastercard now option, which will open a new tab.

With 4 steps, the first tab teaches the phone number and email, then download the mobile application on your cell phone.

Then enter all the information necessary to create the profile, don’t forget to enter the information, be careful not to leave blank spaces, the entire form must be filled out.

After that, check the information, especially the important address to receive the card.

The third step is to verify your identity through facial recognition and that’s it, just apply for the C24 Mastercard and wait 10 days to receive it at home.

The C24 Mastercard It is an ideal credit card for people who are looking for more benefits and are willing to pay some charges to have everything they need.

You will be redirected to the official website.


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