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Revolut’s geographical reach, extending across several European countries, allows customers to take advantage of its banking services in different regions, eliminating the traditional barriers associated with traditional banks. 

This is especially advantageous for people who travel frequently or have international businesses.


Revolut personal loan is a pioneer in the digital banking revolution, providing a wide range of financial services via its mobile app. 

As well as offering an IBAN account in euros and a debit card, Revolut allows users to make payments with ease, send money abroad for free in over 30 currencies, exchange cryptocurrencies, save money with Vaults and enjoy travel perks. 

With Revolut personal loan, you have access to a complete financial platform, all in one intuitive app.

Who is Revolut Personal Loan 

Revolut personal loan offers a simple and convenient way to apply for a loan. By downloading the app and linking your bank account to Revolut, you can get a personalized loan to suit your financial needs.

With Revolut personal loan, you can borrow between 2,000 and 30,000 euros, taking advantage of competitive market rates. Use the online loan calculator available to get a clear idea of the cost of your loan and discover possible savings.

The platform offers flexible features, allowing you to change repayment dates, make extra payments and keep complete control of your loans. All this is done simply and conveniently, directly in the Revolut app.

Interest rates are fixed, which means you can have peace of mind about the initial cost of your loan. This makes financial planning easier, as you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay in interest over time.

Revolut personal loan is transparent about fees. All the information about fees is clearly defined in the app, allowing you to know at a glance the amount you owe, the interest accrued and the amount already repaid. This transparency helps you stay in control of your finances and make informed decisions.

When you apply for a loan with Revolut personal loan, you can get an answer in minutes. Simply download the app and follow the application process to receive an immediate decision.

With Revolut personal loan, you have access to an easy, transparent and fast way to obtain a loan tailored to your financial needs.

Main Advantages for Revolut Personal Loan

Revolut personal loan is a pioneer in the digital banking revolution and offers a wide range of financial services via its mobile app.

With a standard Revolut account, you have access to a number of advantages and benefits, including:

  • 1. IBAN account and debit card: Users receive an IBAN account in euros and a physical or virtual debit card to facilitate their financial transactions.
  • 2. Payments and digital wallets: You can link your Revolut payment card to Google Pay and Apple Pay, enabling fast and convenient payments in physical stores and online.
  • 3. Cash withdrawals: With a standard account, you can make free cash withdrawals of up to €200 per month from ATMs.
  • 4. Free international transfers: Through the Revolut app, you can send money abroad for free in over 30 different currencies. This offers significant savings on exchange rates and traditional international transfers.
  • 5. Spending around the world: With Revolut, you can spend money anywhere in the world at transparent rates, which are clearly visible in the app. This allows you to have full control over the fees applied to your international transactions.
  • 6. Cryptocurrency exchange: The Revolut platform allows you to exchange traditional currencies for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. This offers a convenient way to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • 7. Vaults: The Vaults feature allows you to create budgets and save money for specific goals. You can set savings targets and track your progress directly in the app.
  • 8. Travel insurance and travel perks: With Revolut, you can get global travel insurance, as well as unlock exclusive travel-related perks such as hotel discounts and access to VIP lounges at airports.

Cons for Revolut Personal Loan 

Although Revolut personal loan offers a convenient way to obtain loans, it is important to consider some possible cons:

  • 1. Restricted eligibility: The availability of Revolut personal loan loans may be limited to certain countries or to customers with certain eligibility criteria. Not all users can qualify for a Revolut loan.
  • 2. Loan limits: Revolut’s loan range may be suitable for some needs, but may not meet higher loan-to-value needs. If you need a larger loan than the maximum limit offered, you may need to look for other options.
  • 3. Interest rates: Although Revolut personal loan offers competitive interest rates, it is important to remember that interest rates can vary based on your financial situation and credit history. 
  • 4. Risk of excessive debt: Although it’s easy to apply for a loan through Revolut, it’s important to ensure that you can properly manage your payments and avoid excessive debt. 
  • 5. Limitations of the app: Although Revolut offers a convenient mobile app for applying for and managing loans, some people may prefer the personal support and human interaction provided by traditional banks. 
  • 6. Risks associated with cryptocurrency: Revolut offers the option of exchanging traditional currencies for cryptocurrencies.

How to apply Revolut Personal Loan 

To start the loan process with Revolut personal loan, just follow three simple steps via the app:

  • 1. Access the Credit section: After downloading the Revolut app, go to the Credit page and select the “Get a Loan” option.
  • 2. Enter the amount and term you want to borrow: Enter the amount you want to borrow and select the period of time in which you want to repay the loan.
  • 3. Answer a few questions: Revolut personal loan will ask you to answer a short set of questions so that they can assess your application. These questions may include information about your income, credit history and the purpose of the loan.

If your application is approved, you can proceed to the final stage of the process. Simply sign the contract provided by Revolut and the money will be instantly deposited into your account.

If you can’t find the “Get a Loan” option in the app, this may indicate that you don’t currently meet the criteria required to apply for a loan. In this case, it is recommended that you double-check your eligibility at a later date, as the criteria can change over time.

Revolut provides clear information on eligibility requirements for loans, ensuring transparency and compliance with its internal policies.

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