Trump in Davos: US president adresses environmental issues as pessimism


In a previous post, we mentioned that one of the World Economic Forum’s greatest attractions would be both Greta Thunberg and Donal Trump’s speeches. It is a wide known fact that they are not fond of each other and the antipathy is not only related to their opposite positions when it comes to environmental issues. At the beginning of December, the US president said that the young activist should work on her “anger” and also “chill”. With all this tension, there was some curiosity concerning what would be said by Donald Trump in Davos.

According to him, the personalities at the event should not validate what has been said by the so-called “prophets of doom”. This is a clear and sound statement against the efforts of environmentalists and activists. The interesting thing here is: the World Economic Forum’s agenda this year is climate change. Even so, Donald Trump maintained his skeptical position as one of the first speakers today. Actually, the activist Greta Thunberg also had the opportunity of showing her competing vision as she was responsible for making some opening remarks as well.


Trump in Davos
Trump in Davos 2020: check some highlights of his speech. (Source: Quartz)

The highlights of Greta’s speech will be addressed in another post. While you don’t get to read it, take a look at what has been said by Trump in Davos.

Remarkable pieces of Donald Trump’s talk at the World Economic Forum

Discouraging fear and doubt

Donald Trump mentioned that the claims made by activists arouse feelings such as fear and doubt. According to him, they are being dramatic and calling people’s attention in a scary way. Thus, he sees all the work being done towards environmental awareness as “pessimism”.

Importance of the environment

Despite his words on some initiatives to preserve the environment, the speech of Donald Trump in Davos also brought attention to other ways of doing that. As proof, he announced that the US will join the WEF’s one trillion trees initiative.

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Citizens priority as a requirement for national future

Finally, the speech of Donald Trump in Davos remembered the attending leaders that his priority will always be US citizens.  Somehow, this is a clear way of saying that while Americ is not suffering because of the climate crisis, he will not do much about it. Even when he transgresses the Paris Agreement, he is allowed to speak like that. Perhaps this has something to do with the tax cuts and the economic strength that “Davos plutocrats” are enjoying. We might talk about it soon.


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