Davos in a nutshell: understand what happens during the World Economic Forum


The time is now. The  World Economic Forum, one of the most important events in the field of the global economy is taking place in Davos between January 21-14. If you want to know its importance for the global economy, know that some of the world’s top business people, celebrities, and politicians gather in Davos (Switzerland) every year to “improve the state of the world”.

This is a single opportunity. It is not every time that we have the chance to see leaders from businesses speaking on equal terms with key players from charities or scholars. Of course, we must consider more the key players from politics that usually attend the event.


Most expected attractions

The encounter between Greta Thunberg & Donald Trump

This is event is also awaited especially because of the polemic encounter between the antagonistic figures US President Donald Trump (73) and the activist Greta Thunberg (16). Before the mention of the President’s saying that she should take part in Anger Management, the activist at the UN climate change summit answered that she would not waste her time by talking to him.

World Economic Forum
Understand the World Economic Forum at Davos! (Source: G1)

The presence of top-notch leaders

Besides Greta and Trump, you must know that a plethora of global leaders will be present at the World Economic Forum. This makes the event the encounter of the major sources of influence, money, and power in the World. For instance, speakers like Greta has the opportunity to suggest changes in their countries. And, of course, in the whole world.

Besides, not only world leaders like Trump will be there. Key figures from the UN and EU and the heads of major firms like Coca-Cola and IBM will attend the event as well.

The influence of the speakers may affect big decisions that will impact millions of people

Although CEOs as Mark Zuckerberg is so expected personalities, singers as Bono (U2) are usually invited. He is a well-known activist and is the Co-Founder of projects like ONE and (RED).

ONE’s, for instance, has nearly 10 million members pressuring governments to take action to fight extreme poverty. On the other hand, (RED) works with businesses to raise money for the AIDS fight.

Those personalities have their places in this event due to their active participation in social and climatic causes. This is an important opportunity to raise funds. Once the most important characters in the economic scene will be attending.

That is why Davos became the space where big companies and activists meet. For it is possible discussing the most relevant issues to find a balance in making a more sustainable and profitable world.

If you want to keep up with the biggest highlights of the World Economic Forum, do not forget to read our articles every day! We will be covering Davos 2020 entirely. If the global economy is a theme you are interested in, we would be glad to help you with that!

Source: BBC


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