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Entering the world of golf with the help of your Apple Watch has never been so exciting. The  Best golf apps for apple watch for golfers now offer an enhanced experience, right on your wrist. 

From shot tracking to accurate GPS information and post-round analysis, these Best golf apps for apple watch provide a complete journey for golf enthusiasts. In this article we’ll talk about the most outstanding Best golf apps for apple watch that turn your Apple Watch into an essential partner on the golf course.


In this article we’re going to talk about some of the best Best golf apps for apple watch for you to use and perform better during your golf rounds with the help of your apple watch.

1- 18Birdies

18Birdies stands out as the best golf apps for apple watch for the Apple Watch, despite not often being mentioned in reviews dedicated to the best golf apps for apple watch for this device. The seamless integration with the Apple Watch is remarkable.

Best golf apps for apple watch offers accurate GPS, providing detailed measurements, including the distance of your shots. It also recommends clubs based on previous distance data, optimizing the player’s choice. 

The artificial intelligence (AI) trainer helps hone the golfer’s skills, while the initial shot planner assists with the ideal position for the next shot.

The blind shot compass feature is a valuable addition, keeping the player on target even when the flag is not visible. On the other hand, cons include the absence of a free version, with only a limited trial version available. 

In addition, there is no free trial option for the weekly subscription, and Best golf apps for apple watch requires significant information to take advantage of all its features.

A distinguishing feature of 18Birdies is the Doppler radar view of the weather in the surrounding area, providing an immediate visual understanding of weather conditions. 

The virtual caddie + function offers distance-to-target measurements and club suggestions, similar to other competing apps such as SwingU.

 All in all, 18Birdies stands out as a comprehensive and effective option for golf enthusiasts who want to use the Apple Watch for their rounds.

2- Roundabout

Roundabout is a Best golf apps for apple watch premium virtual transportation app that offers comprehensive information, from yardage readings to shot tracking and post-round statistics.

The app’s GPS functionality covers data from 40,000 golf courses around the world, providing crucial information such as yards to green, water obstacles, bunkers and landing zones. These details help with strategy when planning each hole from the tee.

In addition, rangefinder technology allows you to manually adjust the pin position on your watch, giving you more precise club selection.

Best golf apps for apple watch also keeps track of your shots, allowing for an enhanced understanding of your distance capabilities with each club. This functionality is valuable for improving distance control and getting closer to the hole with approach shots. 

Although we observed that shot tracking wasn’t always perfect, not capturing every shot, this was rare and didn’t pose a significant problem.

Roundabouts don’t just measure yardage. It includes a digital score tracking system, allowing you to record your shots on each hole, including penalty shots, shots per hole and regulated fairways.

3- SwingU

Although SwingU offers a feature-packed paid premium version, it stands out as the best golf apps for apple watch free golf GPS app for Apple Watch in our article. While many golf apps only offer a free trial for a week or two, SwingU offers a full-time free version.

Although some features are missing from the free version, the best golf apps for aplle watch still provides essential features, such as GPS rangefinder and a digital scorecard, free of charge. In our opinion, this makes it the best free golf app for Apple Watch in 2023. 

The app’s GPS rangefinder provides distances to hazards and the green on a wide variety of golf courses globally, allowing you to monitor shot distances for post-round analysis.

Although the best golf apps for aplle watch has its advantages, especially in the free version, it’s important to mention that in some cases it can exhibit slow performance and even freezes, which can be a little frustrating.

 In addition, there have been reports of error messages relating to the connection to the servers, which can be disappointing for paying members.

4- The Grint

The Grint is a golf GPS app exclusively for the Apple Watch that has brought innovation to the scoring process, especially in large groups. Having participated in several amateur tournaments, I realized that it would be beneficial to know my position on the course while playing. 

Although this functionality is not visible on the Apple Watch app, it can be accessed from the iPhone. Best golf apps for apple watch allows you to record your score on each hole and assess the accuracy of your drive. It also gives you the option of recording your use of shafts.

The scoring feature tracks the distance of your shots and the number of shots per hole. You can detail the club used for each shot and whether the ball landed in any hazards on a particular hole.

In addition to the various features related to scoring, Grint works as a golf GPS, providing distances to fairways and green landing zones.

 It also makes it easy to obtain a World Handicap System Number and upload your scores, which is very convenient. For these reasons, I consider Grint to be the best scoring app for Apple Watch in the context of golf.

5- Arccos Caddy

Exploring Arccos Caddie, it’s clear that it provides an exceptional golfing experience for technology enthusiasts. It’s remarkable that the app doesn’t get more prominence in discussions about golf apps for the Apple Watch, considering its almost seamless integration with the device.

A notable highlight of Arccos Caddie is its AI-driven features. In addition to automatically tracking each shot, its AI-powered rangefinder offers club suggestions based on real-time performance, resembling the Virtual Caddie+ feature in 18Birdies.

The app’s initial shot planner is reminiscent of 18Birdies, but goes one step further by automatically capturing every shot. This ensures comprehensive post-game analysis to hone strategies and skills. 

The added benefit of taking wind speed and direction into account further enhances its usefulness, turning every match into a valuable learning experience.

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