Best podcast apps for iphone


Podcasts have become a popular and convenient way to consume informative and entertaining content. If you’re an iPhone user and you’re looking for the best podcast apps for iphone, you’re in the right place.

Best podcast apps for iphone

8 Best podcast apps for iphone

In today’s article, we’ve selected 8 of the best podcast apps for iphone so that you can enjoy and/or get informed in a more practical way. Have a good read.


1. Apple Podcasts

When it comes to the best podcast apps for iphone, Apple Podcasts may be the most obvious choice. After all, if you’ve owned Apple devices for some time, you’ve probably already noticed the icon for this app in your library, as it comes pre-installed on the company’s phones and tablets.

The app’s interface is simple and intuitive, making it an ideal starting point even for those who aren’t in the habit of listening to podcasts but are interested in getting started. The app has four main categories: “Listen Now”, “Explore”, “Library” and “Search”.

Listen Now” offers a feed of the latest releases from the podcasts you follow in the app. In “Explore”, as the name suggests, you can discover podcasts that are similar to or completely different from those you already follow, organized by category and subject. A positive feature of Apple Podcasts is the exposure of national programs, giving you several titles to explore within the app itself.

The “Library” section organizes the content of the podcasts you follow, making it easy to browse shows, episodes and recent releases. Finally, the “Search” option is the app’s search tool, allowing you to search for shows, episode titles or by the name of the podcast creators.

2. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts, one of the best podcast apps for iphone, is available for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. Featuring a unique interface, you can create playlists, adjust the playback speed between 0.5x and 3x, eliminate moments of silence in programs and even broadcast via Chromecast.

It offers a subscription plan (called Pocket Casts Plus) that unlocks additional features, such as organizing podcasts into folders, cloud storage of up to 100GB, and the ability to download podcasts for exclusive use on the Apple Watch during activities such as hiking.

3. Overcast

One of the best podcast apps for iphone, Overcast has a remarkably different interface from Apple’s native one. Overcast offers the option of adding programs via a URL or searching through your own directory.

Compatible with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches (as well as CarPlay), Overcast offers a subscription plan that allows you to remove ads, customize the app icon and upload files.

4. Breaker

This app is one of the best podcast apps for iphone, as it seeks to incorporate social networking elements into the concept of a “podcast aggregator”. In other words, it works as a kind of social network dedicated to podcast enthusiasts. When you install it, you create an account, a profile page and you can start following the programs you like.

The podcasts you follow and the episodes you listen to are displayed on your page, similar to the channels you subscribe to on YouTube and the videos you like.

Users have the opportunity to interact with you by leaving comments on the shows you follow and the episodes you’ve listened to. In addition, you can follow other people and explore what they have been listening to, providing a more organic way of discovering new podcasts.

This app, which is one of the best podcast apps for iphone, is initially free, but offers a monthly subscription plan, the main benefit of which is the removal of ads. In addition, content producers have the option of charging for “premium episodes” of their respective podcasts within the app.

5. Downcast

This app is another option among the best podcast apps for iphone, and is also compatible with iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. In terms of usability, it follows the same proposal as Castro: it aims to help you organize your list of followed shows and episodes.

The player offers interesting features for playing podcasts, such as the ability to increase the speed and provides additional information about the program and episode being played.

In addition, the app features a feed with the most recent releases of the shows you follow, organizing the rest into playlists of downloaded, listened to and unlistened episodes.

An additional feature stands out: a tab dedicated to your downloads, where you can follow the progress of each one, in a layout similar to that of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Unlike the other best podcast apps for iphone mentioned so far, Downcast is paid for. In the App Store, it ranks second among the most popular apps in the news category.

6. Pod Wrangler

In the group of the best podcast apps for iphone that we’ve discussed so far, this one stands out for its objective interface. Similar to Overcast, Pod Wrangler is more about organizing your favorite podcasts than exploring them in search of new ones. Despite this, the application includes a tab with suggestions of popular podcasts.

Pod Wrangler organizes the content of the podcasts you follow into categories such as shows, downloaded episodes, unheard episodes and all available episodes.

The player offers two “screens”: a basic one, containing only the playback controls, such as play/pause, forward/backward and speed adjustment, and a more detailed one, displaying specific information about the episode being played.

7. SoundCloud

Although not strictly an app exclusively for Apple devices and focused only on podcasts, SoundCloud deserves an “honorable mention” due to its popularity and the rich collection of podcasts available on the platform.

When you find SoundCloud in the App Store, you’ll notice the description “listen to new music and podcasts” just below the name of the app.

This highlights that, even today, podcasts are still a significant part of the content offered by the app. In a closer analogy, the logic is similar to that of Spotify (which we’ll discuss shortly): you can use SoundCloud to listen to both music and podcasts, even offline.

The app, which is on our list of the best podcast apps for iphone, also includes social networking features, allowing users to follow podcasts, content creators, artists and friends. It is possible to interact with them by liking and commenting on what they are listening to, providing a more engaging and social experience.

8. Spotify

To finish off our list of the best podcast apps for iphone, despite not being an exclusive iPhone app, Spotify is practically unavoidable when it comes to podcasts.

And there are good reasons for this: 1) Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming services in Brazil and 2) it has invested significantly in expanding its podcast catalog.

Currently, when you access your library in the app, it is divided into two main categories: music and podcasts. The section dedicated to podcasts has three main tabs: “episodes”, “downloads” and “shows”. The “episodes” tab works like a feed, displaying the latest releases from the shows you follow.

Meanwhile, the “downloads” tab shows the episodes that have been downloaded, and the “shows” tab lists the podcasts you follow. From these sections, you have the flexibility to create podcast playlists in the way that best suits your preferences.

Have you tried any of the best podcast apps for iphone on our list? We’re curious to hear about your experience. Share your comment below, and don’t forget to share this post on your social networks! Until next time.

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