Best fitness apps for men


In the past, the profile of the man who stayed glued to his phone in the gym, avoided training or spontaneously showing off his workouts to his followers has changed.

Today, we have digital Personal Trainers (PT), who offer a full range of resources, from proven training programs to nutritional guidance and interactive live sessions.


Best fitness apps for men

However, in the face of the vast offer of best fitness apps for men, it’s important to point out that while some are really effective for improving your physical shape, there are hundreds of others that prove to be useless or even dangerous (there’s still no app that warns you about excess weight on a barbell).

Instead of getting lost in the diversity of the app store, we suggest you follow our guide, where we present the best fitness apps for men to meet each specific fitness objective.

1 – Seven

Ideal for: Quick workouts

In 2013, a study published in the Health and Fitness Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine suggested that high-intensity circuit training was key to improving health.

This approach not only boosted fitness, reduced fat and strengthened muscles, but also improved VO2Max (maximum oxygen consumption).

Surprisingly, all these benefits could be achieved with just seven minutes of daily training. It was this discovery that motivated the Perigree team, based in Malmö, to create the Seven app: a platform full of seven-minute workouts designed to be performed daily over seven days.

All the exercises are based on body weight, and the premium version of the best fitness app for men offers the guidance of a personal trainer, who provides assistance with more than 200 available exercises.

Available for Android/iOS, with a seven-day free trial and monthly subscription of £2.50.

2 – MapMyRun

Ideal for: Community

Under Armour’s best fitness apps for men has been a long-time favorite among runners, and this preference is evidenced by the fact that community is central to its features.

Over the years, users from all over the world have shared their favorite running routes in the community feed, covering challenging and picturesque routes, resulting in a database that exceeds 70 million routes.

In addition, it is possible to connect with friends and fellow runners to keep track of each other and provide encouragement. Users often organize meet-ups via the app’s dedicated Facebook page.

Why have so many people joined MapMyRun? Its ease of use, reliability and peculiarities to cover a variety of activities, from swimming to yoga.

Available for Android/iOS, free; MVP subscription with full features for £5.99/month.

3 – Fiit

Ideal for: Boutique-style fitness classes

Think of FiiT as the Netflix equivalent of the best fitness app for men. It offers an unrivaled library of high-intensity exercise videos, available to stream anywhere.

You can opt for classes taught by some of the UK’s best trainers, including former rugby pro Lawrence Price and personal trainer Matt Roberts, known for keeping celebrities like Tom Ford in shape.

The app also integrates with a heart monitoring chest strap that tracks your progress, displays your stats on screen and provides real-time performance statistics, adjusted according to your effort levels.

These evaluations turn into “personal bests” to be overcome, providing a powerful application, similar to the experience of getting direct encouragement from a Personal Trainer.

Available for Android/iOS, free; Fiit Premium subscriptions start at £10/month.

4 – Center

Ideal for: Muscle building

Aiming to be as robust as Thor? Then train like Thor. Centr is a new best fitness apps for men created by the hero’s interpreter himself, Chris Hemsworth, in collaboration with his team of trainers, health experts and nutritionists. It’s extremely versatile, but especially effective if your goal is to build muscle in true Hollywood fashion.

There’s no need to aspire to the big screen format from the outset; the Centre is customizable for all fitness levels and offers a variety of intensive workouts that can be followed at home or in the gym. In addition, it features simple-to-follow meal plans adaptable to a variety of needs, from gluten-free options to vegan meals.

Available for iOS and Android, with a seven-day free trial and a monthly subscription of £15.49.

5 – Freeletics

Ideal for: Bodyweight training

If the only obstacle standing between you and better health is the cost of a gym membership, then Freeletics, best fitness apps for men, is the solution.

Working like a virtual personal trainer, the app focuses on exercises and workouts that don’t disable equipment (think burpees, lunges and squats).

With more than 900 workout variations, filterable by duration, body part and specific goals, the app can be customized for any fitness level and offers high-quality tutorials, even in its free version. By opting for the premium subscription, you get access to extra features, such as a personalized weekly training plan.

Available for Android/iOS, with a 14-day free trial; the weekly training coach subscription costs £1.78, while the option that includes nutritional information costs £2.66 per week.

6 – ClassPass

Ideal for: Replacing your academic subscription

In just six years, Classpass, the best fitness apps for men, has significantly transformed the fitness industry by providing affordable access to a wide variety of classes, allowing you to diversify your routines without compromising your budget.

With an impressive selection of studios and gyms in its portfolio, it’s the ideal option for trying something new without the need for long-term commitments.

What’s more, it works well for those on the move, as it allows you to use the same best fitness apps for men to schedule classes while you’re on the go.

Available for Android/iOS, with free download; We offer a 7-day free trial, and class prices vary according to location.

7 – TruBe

Ideal for: Last-minute personal trainer sessions

Similar to the Uber of personal trainers, TruBe connects you to local PTs and fitness professionals, encouraging you to look for a single session or an ongoing training program.

With a network of more than 300 selected trainers, ranging from kickboxing champions to professional dancers, each accompanied by reviews and photos, the best fitness apps for men offers you the flexibility to choose where you want to do your session: at home, in the office, in the park, in a hotel or in a selection of gyms.

Available for Android/iOS, free to download; prepaid sessions vary in price.

8 – Strava

Ideal for: Training outdoors

One of the pioneers of the best fitness apps for men, Strava remains an essential choice for those who want to record their outdoor adventures, especially if the intention is to show off their mileage achievements.

Using your phone’s or smartwatch’s GPS, Strava accurately tracks running, cycling and even swimming, mapping everything and providing included information on the distance covered. It also offers simple ways to share your achievements on social networks. All this, of course, in search of encouragement.

Available for Android/iOS, free; Premium services start from £1.80 per month.

9 – Les Mills On Demand

Ideal for: Taking fitness classes home

If you’re short of time to attend a Bodypump class at your local gym, don’t worry, you can do it at home. The renowned global group exercise brand, Les Mills, has brought together its favorites on an on-demand platform, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to challenge your abdominal muscles, or find an excuse to do so.

With over 800 online workouts available on the best fitness apps for men, ranging from quick 15-minute sessions to hour-long classes, you can exercise and feel part of a global fitness community at any time. All without the need to fight over a sweaty yoga mat.

Available for iOS/Android, with a 10-day free trial; Monthly subscription is £12.95 after that.

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