How to make through the day without spending a dollar


If you are saving money, probably you have a dream to pay for or bills you want to pay. Whatever your needs may be, we want to help you with some tips on personal finances. This is something you can find in our articles, but today the advice comes from another person. Her name is Chelsea Thomas and she lives in California. Believe it or not, she guaranteed to BBC that it is possible to make through the day without spending a dollar.

Of course, not every day can be a day where you don’t spend anything. However, with some little changes in the way you deal with your finances, spending less in a month or in a week is possible. We are not talking about someone that does not have a job or lives with the parents. Chelsea is a regular person with a regular job, just like most of us. She works as a practice manager and patient coordinator of a plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills. Do you want to know how she makes it?


make through the day without spending
Discover how to make through the day without spending money! (Source: Shopise Shopping Guide)

How does a person make through the day without spending?

From everything that Chelsea told to BBC My Money staff, we learned 3 important things:

Choosing to say home is cheaper

Something that Chelsea did that helped her to save money was unintentional. She spent New Year’s Day at home. Although this is a day where people are used to doing nothing, this is not the only day of the year where you should avoid spending. If you like to hang out with your friends or family at a bar or a nice restaurant, perhaps it is good for you to realize that staying home for a couple of days might help you to save money for that dream. If you are willing to pay for a bill, what about taking care of that bill first and then go out?

Letting other people pay for things is acceptable

However, if you really can give up a happy hour, perhaps you should not be paying for it every single time. Letting other people pay for things is a great way of saving if you want to make through the day without spending. Taking this approach with your work colleagues might not be polite, but this is something you can arrange with your spouse, for example. Chelsea let her boyfriend buy breakfast for them and their relationship was not altered because of that.

Having fun without spending is possible

Finally, what about having that friendly meeting at your place instead of wasting your money in restaurants and bars? A good Netflix and chill session is something you can enjoy with your date, your family or your friends. It costs nothing and Chelsea spent the first day of the year unworried about money because of that. Give it a try!

How did you like these tips? We hope you give up a day or two of wasting your money and learn how to make through the day without spending!

Source: BBC


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