Best apps to learn spanish


Learning a new language like Spanish has become more accessible and convenient than ever thanks to technological advances. The best apps to learn Spanish offer an effective and flexible way to master this vibrant and global language. 

 Best apps to learn spanish

In this digital age, language barriers are fading, and innovative best apps to learn spanish are playing a crucial role in enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to acquire Spanish skills. 


Learn more about the best apps to learn spanish

Below, we’ll look at the best apps to learn spanish, their distinctive features and how they can help learners conquer Spanish. 

From gamification apps that make learning fun to those that focus on immersion and interaction with native speakers, each has its own set of advantages. 

We’ll also discuss how these modern tools are transforming the language learning process and providing exciting opportunities for people all over the world. 

Whether you’re looking to start your Spanish journey or improve your existing skills, the wide range of best apps to learn spanish available offers options to suit all learning styles and personal goals.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn Spanish, which is widely popular and accessible for learning Spanish and a variety of other languages. It stands out for its gamified teaching style, which makes learning fun and engaging for people of all ages. 

This version of the best apps to learn spanish offers a comprehensive approach to learning spanish, covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. The lessons are divided into thematic modules which gradually increase in difficulty. 

The reward system, with points and achievements, motivates users to keep learning every day.

Duolingo is known for its learning method based on translation and repetition, which can be effective for acquiring vocabulary and basic structures. It also offers the opportunity to practice pronunciation with the voice recognition function.

One notable feature is that Duolingo is free, although it does offer a premium option to remove ads and provide additional features. This makes it accessible to a wide range of people interested in learning Spanish. 

However, some users may find that the emphasis on translation is not as effective for developing advanced conversational fluency. 

Even so, Duolingo remains a valuable tool for beginners and those who want to practice and maintain their Spanish skills.

2. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is also one of the recognized best apps to learn spanish for learning foreign languages in an immersive and effective way. 

With an innovative approach, Rosetta Stone stands out for its untranslated teaching method, which resembles the process of learning a mother tongue. 

This means that you can learn Spanish or any other language directly, without having to rely on constant translations.

This version of the best apps to learn spanish offers lessons that focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing, giving you a complete understanding of the language. 

The lessons are organized into levels of increasing difficulty, allowing beginners to start from scratch and advanced students to improve their skills. Rosetta Stone also uses voice recognition technology to help with correct pronunciation.

A notable feature is the emphasis on immersion, using images, audio and repetition to develop natural language skills. 

In addition, it offers lessons in a wide variety of languages, making it a versatile choice for students from different backgrounds and linguistic interests.

Although Rosetta Stone is a paid app, many consider it a worthwhile investment due to its proven approach and ability to create fluency in Spanish and other languages in an authentic and reliable way.

3. Tandem

Tandem is one of the best apps to learn spanish, an innovative and socially-oriented app designed to help people learn Spanish and other languages through interaction with native speakers. 

A central feature of Tandem is the ability to find language exchange partners all over the world. 

You can connect with people who want to learn your mother tongue while you learn theirs, creating a mutual learning experience.

The app offers a variety of features, such as text messaging, voice calls and video calls, allowing you to practice speaking and listening with native speakers. 

What’s more, you can receive valuable feedback on your pronunciation and grammar, making it an effective tool for improving your Spanish skills.

This version of the best apps to learn spanish also offers premium features, such as text corrections and the selection of exchange partners based on common interests. 

The free version, however, provides sufficient access for a meaningful learning experience.

The social aspect of Tandem creates a global language learning community, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a practical and interactive approach to learning Spanish and improving their language skills.

4. Drops

Drops is an innovative app that stands out for its focus on vocabulary development in Spanish and other languages. It is designed to be fun and engaging, making it suitable for fast and effective vocabulary learning.

It’s one of the best apps to learn Spanish that offers short, addictive lessons where users can learn Spanish words and phrases through interactive games. 

The visual and auditory exercises, together with the spaced repetition system, help to memorize vocabulary effectively. 

In addition, Drops offers a wide variety of vocabulary categories, allowing you to choose topics relevant to your interests and needs.

A unique feature of Drops is the time restriction. Users only have five minutes per session, which makes the lessons suitable for brief learning moments throughout the day. This is particularly convenient for those with a busy schedule.

This option of the best apps to learn spanish is known for being visually appealing, with colorful graphics and icons, making it attractive to all ages. 

However, it’s worth noting that while Drops is excellent for expanding your Spanish vocabulary, it doesn’t offer complete grammar or conversation lessons. 

It is therefore most effective when used in conjunction with other language learning resources to gain a more complete understanding of the language.

5. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is another of the innovative best apps to learn spanish for learning Spanish (and many other languages) through reading. 

It stands out for its unique teaching approach, which combines audiobooks with parallel text in two languages: your native language and the language you are learning, such as Spanish.

The app offers a vast library of stories and books in Spanish, allowing users to choose materials according to their level of proficiency and personal interests. 

When reading, you can listen to the narration in both languages, which helps to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation. The side-by-side view of the text in both languages makes it easier to understand the context and the translation.

Beelinguapp is flexible and affordable, as it offers a free version with many useful features and also a premium option to remove ads and unlock more content.

This reading-based learning approach is effective for improving vocabulary, grammar comprehension and familiarization with the structure of the Spanish language. 

However, for conversational skills and verbal interaction, we recommend combining Beelinguapp with other best apps to learn spanish or resources that emphasize oral practice.

6. Pimsleur

Finally, Pimsleur is also on the list of the best apps to learn Spanish, as it stands out for its unique and highly effective approach, centered on listening and conversation. 

Developed by renowned linguist Dr. Paul Pimsleur, this program emphasizes the acquisition of real communication skills in Spanish.

The Pimsleur method is based on audio lessons that focus on spaced repetition. 

Users hear and repeat phrases and conversations in Spanish, which helps to improve listening comprehension, pronunciation and responsiveness in real-life situations. 

A notable feature is the use of optimal spacing between revisions to reinforce long-term memory.

Pimsleur offers Spanish lessons from beginner to advanced level, making it suitable for learners of all levels. In addition, the app offers reading resources to complement aural learning.

While Pimsleur is known for being highly effective in building listening and speaking skills, it can be less comprehensive in terms of vocabulary and writing. 

Therefore, many people choose to combine Pimsleur with other best apps to learn spanish or resources to get a complete language education in Spanish.

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