Best biking apps


With the advance of technology, cyclists now have access to a wide range of best biking apps to improve their riding experience. 

Cycling is a healthy and sustainable activity that has become even more popular in recent years, whether as a means of transportation, a form of exercise or simply as a relaxing hobby. 


In this article, we’ll explore the best biking apps, highlighting their main features and benefits.

best biking apps

In an increasingly connected world, the best biking apps play a key role in providing essential information, performance tracking and even social interaction between cycling enthusiasts. 

The best biking apps offer advanced activity tracking features, virtual competitions and the ability to connect with other cyclists. They allow users to set goals, analyze their progress and share their achievements.

With it, cyclists can plan personalized routes, taking into account the type of terrain, the level of difficulty and even the availability of points of interest along the way.

Discover the best biking apps

The best biking apps have a range of features that can take the cycling experience to the next level. 

Whether you’re a casual cyclist, a fitness enthusiast or a serious competitor, these best biking apps are available to suit your needs and enhance your cycling adventures. 

If you’re ready to take your rides to the next level, read on to find out how these best biking apps can make a difference to your cycling journey.

1. Strava

Strava is one of the best biking apps, extremely popular with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. 

With its global user base, Strava allows people to track, share and compare their sporting activities, whether running, cycling, walking or even swimming.

One of Strava’s most striking features is the ability to create segments, specific stretches on popular routes, where users can compete for time records. 

This creates a community of healthy competition between users, encouraging improvements in performance.

In addition, Strava offers detailed performance analysis, including metrics such as pace, speed, altitude and heart rate. Athletes can set goals, track their progress and gain useful insights to improve their fitness.

Strava’s social function is also notable, as users can follow friends, join clubs and take part in challenges to increase motivation and a sense of community.

This version of the best biking apps stands out as an essential app for those who want to monitor their sporting progress, get involved in friendly competitions and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.

2. MapMyRide

MapMyRide is one of the best biking apps designed specifically for cyclists. With an intuitive interface and robust features, it has become a popular tool for cyclists of all abilities. 

The app allows users to plan routes, track progress, monitor performance and share their activities.

One of MapMyRide’s main features is real-time GPS tracking, which allows cyclists to monitor their distance, speed, elevation and time. 

In addition, it offers detailed statistics, such as heart rate and calories burned, to help cyclists achieve their fitness goals.

The app also allows users to discover new routes and share their own cycling experiences with the community. It is compatible with wearable devices and offers integration with other fitness platforms, such as MyFitnessPal.

In short, MapMyRide is a valuable tool for cyclists who want to improve their performance, plan exciting routes and connect with other cycling enthusiasts, making it a must-have app for any cyclist committed to improving their riding experience.

3. Komoot

Komoot also falls into the category of best biking apps that stand out as an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts such as cycling, hiking, running and much more. 

With an intuitive interface and robust features, Komoot is widely recognized for its ability to help users explore new outdoor adventures.

A key feature of Komoot is its ability to plan personalized routes based on your preferences and needs. 

Users can specify the type of activity, the desired distance, the level of difficulty and even add points of interest along the way. 

The app also offers detailed information on elevation, terrain surface and weather forecasts so that users can prepare accordingly.

Another notable feature is offline turn-by-turn navigation, allowing adventurers to venture into remote areas without the need for a constant internet connection. 

In addition, Komoot offers integration with GPS devices and smartwatches, as well as the ability to share routes and experiences with the Komoot community.

This variant of the best biking apps is a powerful tool for outdoor explorers who want to plan personalized adventures, discover new places and make the most of their favorite activities in the wild.

4. Runtastic Road Bike GPS

Runtastic Road Bike GPS is one of the widely praised best biking apps that offers a comprehensive experience for cyclists of all ages. 

Developed by Adidas, this app is a popular choice for cyclists who want to track, improve and share their cycling adventures.

The app offers precise GPS tracking features that allow cyclists to monitor crucial details such as distance, speed, time, elevation and even heart rate if you have a compatible monitor. 

In addition, it offers detailed maps and voice navigation, making it easier to plan and follow personalized routes.

A notable feature of Runtastic Road Bike GPS is its integration with cycling sensors and devices, such as power meters, allowing for more detailed performance analysis.

The app also includes social features that allow cyclists to share their activities and challenges with friends and the online community. 

What’s more, you can set goals, track your progress over time and receive valuable insights to improve your performance.

In summary, the Runtastic Road Bike GPS is an excellent choice for serious cyclists and enthusiasts who want to maximize their riding experience, improve their fitness and connect with other passionate cyclists. 

It’s a comprehensive app that helps users get the most out of their cycling adventures.

5. Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens is a cycling app designed to make the experience of cycling in cities more enjoyable and convenient. 

It stands out as a valuable tool for urban cyclists who want to plan their routes efficiently, navigate the city easily and promote sustainable mobility.

One of the notable features of Bike Citizens is its ability to plan routes adapted to bicycles, taking into account cycle paths, safe routes and real-time traffic information. 

This helps cyclists avoid busy roads and optimize their travel time.

This version of the best biking apps also offers information on points of interest, such as bike sharing stations, repair stations, tourist attractions and bike parking areas. 

It encourages the cycling community to share their favorite routes and cycling tips, promoting collaboration and building a network of urban cyclists.

In addition, Bike Citizens offers detailed statistics on your cycling trips, such as distance traveled, average speed and CO2 savings, encouraging cyclists to keep track of their positive environmental impact.

Bike Citizens is a useful app for urban cyclists who want a more efficient and environmentally friendly cycling experience in cities, helping to promote sustainable mobility and make life easier for those who choose to cycle in their daily routines.

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