Best spelling apps for kids


Spelling is a fundamental skill in children’s learning process. With the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets, the search for the best spelling apps for kids has become an important task for parents and educators.

Best spelling apps for kids

These apps not only help correct spelling mistakes, but also make language learning more interactive and engaging for children.


In this context, we will explore some of the best spelling apps for kids available, highlighting their features and benefits in helping children develop their spelling skills.

Learn about the benefits of the best spelling apps for kids

The best spelling apps for kids are modern and engaging tools that combine playful elements with writing and reading lessons.

They offer interactive exercises, difficulty adjustment, rewards, voice and pronunciation, personalization and progress tracking, making learning spelling more engaging and effective.

1. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is a widely recognized educational application that offers an interactive and engaging platform for pre-school and early primary school children.

With a wide range of educational activities, games and lessons, ABCmouse aims to stimulate learning in a playful and effective way.

This best spelling apps for kids covers a variety of topics, including math, reading, science, arts and music, ensuring a comprehensive curriculum.

The content is adapted to each child’s skill level, allowing for personalized and progressive learning.

One of the notable features of ABCmouse is its adventure-based approach, where children explore virtual worlds while solving puzzles and challenges. This keeps children motivated and involved in their educational journey.

In addition, progress reports allow parents to monitor their children’s development.

ABCmouse has been widely praised for its ability to prepare children for school and help them develop essential skills for academic success. The best spelling apps for kids ABCmouse is a valuable tool that combines fun and learning to help children grow into curious and well-prepared students.

2. Starfall Learn to Read

The best spelling apps for kids Starfall Learn to Read is an educational tool designed to help pre-school and early elementary school children develop their reading skills.

It offers an interactive and engaging approach to teaching reading, with a wide variety of engaging activities and games.

The app focuses on teaching the fundamentals of reading, including phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency. It uses colorful characters and stories to make learning attractive to children, encouraging regular practice.

A notable feature of Starfall Learn to Read is its carefully structured progression, which allows children to advance at their own pace as they master new concepts.

In addition, this best spelling apps for kids offers resources for parents and teachers to monitor children’s progress and adapt activities according to individual needs.

Overall, Starfall Learn to Read is a valuable tool for preparing children for success in reading, providing a solid foundation for the development of essential literary skills.

3. SpellingCity

This best spelling apps for kids SpellingCity is an educational tool designed to improve spelling, vocabulary and grammar skills in children and students.

With an engaging and interactive approach, SpellingCity offers a platform that makes learning these skills more enjoyable.

One of the app’s main features is the ability to create personalized word lists, allowing teachers and parents to adapt the content to the specific needs of their students.

Activities range from spelling games and vocabulary exercises to practice tests. SpellingCity also offers audio resources to help you pronounce words correctly.

Tracking progress is another advantage of the app, as it allows educators to monitor student performance and identify areas that need improvement.

What’s more, SpellingCity makes learning accessible by allowing students to practise anywhere, using mobile devices.

Overall, SpellingCity is a valuable tool for improving language and spelling skills, making learning more efficient and enjoyable for students of all ages.

4. Sight Words Learning Games

The “Sight Words Learning Games” app is an educational tool designed to help pre-school children and those in the early stages of literacy learn high-frequency words in a fun and effective way.

It focuses on the so-called “sight words” that are often found in texts and are essential for fluent reading.

This best spelling apps for kids offers a variety of interactive games and activities to teach and reinforce these key words.

Games can include puzzles, word matching, and other engaging challenges that keep children entertained while they learn.

It also allows parents and educators to customize the word lists to meet children’s individual needs.

One of the notable advantages of this app is its gradual and progressive approach, which means that children can progress at their own pace, gaining confidence as they master each word.

What’s more, the application can be used offline, making it convenient for situations without an internet connection.

This best spelling apps for kids Sight Words Learning Games plays a key role in reading development and vocabulary building, preparing children for successful literacy.

5. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an engaging and interactive educational tool designed to teach preschoolers and children in the early stages of literacy to recognize and understand letters and their corresponding words in an engaging way.

This app uses a unique approach, combining colorful animations and adorable characters to make learning fun and memorable.

The “Endless Alphabet” covers a wide range of children’s vocabulary words, each accompanied by an interactive animation that illustrates the meaning of the word.

Children can touch the disordered letters in the word and move them to the correct places, making it easier to understand word formation.

In addition, this best spelling apps for kids provides audio narration, helping children to associate the correct pronunciation with words.

Progress is tracked so that parents and educators can monitor the development of children’s language skills.

This best spelling apps for kids “Endless Alphabet” offers an interactive and fun learning experience that helps children develop their vocabulary and literacy skills while having fun.

It is a valuable tool for preparing children for success in reading and writing.

6. Hangman

The “Hangman” app is an electronic version of the classic word-guessing game.

This game is popular all over the world and aims to challenge the player’s ability to guess a hidden word, letter by letter, before a drawing of a hanged man is completed.

Usually played on paper, this best spelling apps for kids brings a digital experience to this traditional game. Players can choose from a variety of word categories, such as sports, food, movies, and much more.

They guess letters, filling in the gaps in the hidden word or risking an incorrect letter that would lead to a part of the hanged man.

Hangman is a great way to improve your vocabulary, logical thinking and spelling. What’s more, it can be played individually or with friends, making it a fun way to pass the time and challenge the mind.

This best spelling apps for kids “Hangman” offers a modern and accessible version of a classic game that continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world.

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