The dark side of U.S. citizenship: taxes and capital gains


Did you know that leaving your country of citizenship might have hard economical consequences for you? Well, if you live in America and are thinking about expatriating, please rethink and consider taxes and capital gains. The decision is not that easy and can be expensive. A potential wealth tax or higher levies on capital gains are reasons that are raising thoughts of renunciation and these can change depending on the elections’ results next year.

Thinking about this matters most to those people who say that will move to another country when a new government assumes America. We might think that this is a simple decision, but many people do not remember the taxes they must pay to do that. Although we are talking about the United States of America, not everyone is satisfied with the American way of life nor with the country’s economy and politics.


taxes and capital gains
Taxes and capital gains might prevent people from leaving America. (Source: Pixabay)

Reasons for thinking twice about leaving the U.S.: taxes and capital gains

As we previously mentioned, there are a lot of people that feel unsatisfied with the United States.  For many years, a lot of individuals around the world saw the country as the opportunity to thrive. The universities are among the best ones in the whole planet, it can be easy to settle. However, the world is changing every day. Nowadays, one has other economic centers of excellence to go in pursuit of a better life.

The problem is that renouncing your citizenship can bring you unexpected bills. Moving out to other economic centers of excellence — like Singapore, Switzerland, and London — is particularly expensive when it comes to taxes and capital gains. If you do not know how much money you are supposed to invest, be aware that the cost of expatriating varies depending on a person’s assets.

While there are people that can pay a reasonable price to leave. However, there are many people that can end up paying millions of dollars in exit taxes. That being said, we cannot stress enough how much organization and research is crucial. If you are willing to live in another country, try to research how much you have to pay.

In addition to that, know that the Democrats have plans of taxing capital gains like ordinary income. If they have the opportunity to do that, it makes sense to renounce now. It is a tricky situation, but if taxes and capital gains are important to you, consider all this.


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